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A Local Activist

NYXT.nyc 05:28 NYXT Original

A local activist talks about how easy it is to get involved in the community.

The Creative Little Garden

NYXT.nyc 01:00 NYXT Original

A look at a popular East Village green space.

The Art of Neapolitan Pizza

NYXT.nyc 04:26 NYXT Original

Two pizza cooks talk about their tools, their techniques, their histories, and their passion for pizza.

NYXT.nyc 07:35 NYXT Original

A local entrepreneur is introducing New Yorkers to natto, a Japanese meal that is unheard of in the West.

Yoga in Bryant Park

NYXT.nyc 03:09 NYXT Original

Yoga sessions are held in Bryant Park, providing relief and spiritual uplift to hundreds of New Yorkers.

NYXT.nyc 04:08 NYXT Original

A community swap meet helps reduce waste and encourages people find discarded treasures for free.

Jazz at The Shrine

NYXT.nyc 06:54 NYXT Original

A jazz performance of "Kang Ding Love Song" from SONUSKAPUS Orchestra at The Shrine in Harlem.

Elevator Apprentice

NYXT.nyc 05:46 NYXT Original

A man who works on elevators shows the tools that he uses to keep the elevators running and people safe.

Central Park Skate

NYXT.nyc 03:05 NYXT Original

The Central Park Dance Skaters Association operates free roller skating and dancing sessions during the warmer months of the year.

NYXT.nyc 04:27 NYXT Original

A cook at a food truck in the Financial District shows off his tools for preparing Mexican food.

Spirit of the Island

NYXT.nyc 09:06 NYXT Original

Two individuals of Hawaiian descent teach and promote traditional Hawaiian language, dance, and culture in New York City.

NYXT.nyc 05:36 NYXT Original

A profile of two New Yorkers who have discovered health, happiness, and other life benefits by riding their bike to work each day.

NYXT.nyc 06:45 NYXT Original

Brian operates a facility that grooms and takes care of pets in Harlem, and shows off the tools he uses to keep dogs looking and feeling their best.

NYXT.nyc 10:10 NYXT Original

A nonprofit aims to transform the lives of at-risk, low-income students with arts education and mentorship as they learn from photographers, graphic designers, filmmakers, music makers and more.

NYXT.nyc 01:28 NYXT Original

Young piano prodigies perform Philip Glass's Etudes before the composer himself as part of Make Music New York's Summer On the Hudson series at Riverside Park.

Denny Moe's Barber Shop

NYXT.nyc 02:06 NYXT Original

Rapper LaRue takes on Harlem with an ode to the neighborhood for Make Music New York.

NYXT.nyc 08:27 NYXT Original

Artist Myntia Daniels exhibits her work at Harlem Arts Festival, and shows off the various paintbrushes and ballpoint pens used to bring her Black woman-centered art to life.

Salsa At Plaza 33

NYXT.nyc 03:11 NYXT Original

Spend your summer nights enjoying music and free salsa dancing lessons at Penn Plaza with instructor Talia Castro-Pozo.

Free Juggling Lessons

NYXT.nyc 04:38 NYXT Original

From cornhole to Jenga to chess to tic-tac-toe, enjoy free games outside of Penn Plaza, Bryant Park and Herald Square and learn to juggle with an experienced instructor.

Dances For a Variable Population

NYXT.nyc 07:47 NYXT Original

A free dance and movement class encourages senior citizens and the disabled to stay active and creative as they perform throughout the city.

NYXT.nyc 04:14 NYXT Original

A community fitness group encourages body positivity through exercise as they work out in Washington Square Park, Bryant Park and Prospect Park's Grand Army Plaza.

NYXT.nyc 04:45 NYXT Original

Make Music New York's winter festival at the High Line Park, where interactive technology allows users to create music through movement.


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Children's Sculpture Park

NYXT.nyc 00:45 NYXT Original

Located near the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Morningside Heights, this garden features works by school-age children, and Gary Wyatt's Fountain of Peace which represents the triumph of good over evil.

The Atrium at Ford Foundation

NYXT.nyc 00:47 NYXT Original

Modeled in the vein of a greenhouse, this sustainable green space filled with a subtropical garden rehydrates through collected rainwater, all within a center for social justice in midtown Manhattan.

Mahayana Temple

NYXT.nyc 00:53 NYXT Original

Home of the tallest Buddha statue in NYC and featuring photos of his life, this holy center and meditation space is located near the Manhattan Bridge in Chinatown.

Alice in Wonderland Statue

NYXT.nyc 00:48 NYXT Original

Visit public art in Central Park featuring characters from the Lewis Carroll classic including Alice, the Cheshire Cat, The Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and the Dormouse.

NYXT.nyc 05:35 NYXT Original

An actor commits his free time to volunteering at Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church Shelter, cooking dinner for low-income and homeless residents.

NYXT.nyc 04:46 NYXT Original

East Harlem's Harlem RBI, now known as We Are Dream, encourages mentorship through sportsmanship through its physical and educational activities centering baseball and softball.

The Church of St. Paul the Apostle

NYXT.nyc 01:00 NYXT Original

Just outside Columbus Circle, find beauty and silence in the church's stained glass windows, Gothic architecture and gilded religious iconography.

The Ravine at Central Park

NYXT.nyc 00:50 NYXT Original

Take a bike ride or a walk around Central Park and visit The Ravine, a verdant enclave with a waterfall and pond.

Riverside Park South

NYXT.nyc 01:00 NYXT Original

Enjoy greenery and public art at this waterfront park on Manhattan's Upper West Side.

NYXT.nyc 05:34 NYXT Original

Concert technician and piano voicer Paul Ness of Faust Harrison helps pianos reach their maximum sonic potential, bringing out their individual characters.

NYXT.nyc 06:06 NYXT Original

Taking food waste and putting it back into the earth in promoting environmentally-friendly, sustainable practices with GrowNYC and Red Hook Community Farm in Brooklyn.

The Gardens at St. Luke in the Fields

NYXT.nyc 00:52 NYXT Original

Located in Greenwich Village, St. Luke's of the Episcopal Church's gardens are two-thirds of an acre and perfect for walks or picnicking amongst the flowers.

Roosevelt Island

NYXT.nyc 01:00 NYXT Original

Ride the tram over the East River to Roosevelt Island, located between Manhattan and Queens, and visit the greenery and historical landmarks.

Shankar Tucker Ensemble

NYXT.nyc 06:56 NYXT Original

Composer and clarinetist Shankar Tucker combines jazz and Indian classical music for a performance in Central Park for Make Music New York.

Laurie Anderson's Concert for Dogs

NYXT.nyc 02:07 NYXT Original

Avant-garde artist/composer/musician Laurie Anderson performs "Heart of a Dog," her experimental musical work created specially for canines, for Times Square's Midnight Moment.

LSA Family Health Service

NYXT.nyc 05:08 NYXT Original

East Harlem's Little Sisters Family Health Services provides low-cost resources to residents, from its food pantry, thrift store, family support and healthcare initiatives.

NYXT.nyc 05:19 NYXT Original

KittyKind is a volunteer-based nonprofit that seeks foster and forever homes for cats by holding adoption events throughout the city. You can also adopt cats at cat cafe Meow Parlour.

Concerto For Buildings

NYXT.nyc 07:53 NYXT Original

President of Make Music New York Aaron Friedman discusses the idea of creating music with buildings, while a street performance of an orchestra of young musicians plays.

Rose Center for Earth and Space

NYXT.nyc 01:00 NYXT Original

Home of the American Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium, a hub for astronomical curiosities.

NYXT.nyc 01:14 NYXT Original

Poets House in lower Manhattan is a library and literary center that hosts classes and events, and provides resources for educators and poetry lovers of all ages.

Summer Festival

NYXT.nyc 04:20 NYXT Original

The Make Music New York Festival, performed in Central Park and various locations in NYC, invites all city-dwellers to grab an instrument and create music with each other.

NYXT.nyc 04:41 NYXT Original

A vocal performance ensemble entertains Washington Heights' Bennett Park with nature-inspired songs as part of Make Music New York

Conservatory Garden

NYXT.nyc 00:55 NYXT Original

Modeled after Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel The Secret Garden, this green space features statues of the book's main characters, Mary and Pippin.

NYXT.nyc 05:31 NYXT Original

Activist Tristram Stewart discusses how the economy drives one-third of the world's food to go to waste, while many go hungry and farmers are not adequately compensated.

NYXT.nyc 01:47 NYXT Original

City Harvest, a nonprofit that strives to feed NYC's hungry, hosts a farmer's market with fresh fruits and vegetables in Washington Heights.

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

NYXT.nyc 05:32 NYXT Original

A volunteer-based nonprofit aims to feed NYC's hungry and end food waste by salvaging leftovers from restaurants for NYC Rescue Mission, which serves the homeless.

NYXT.nyc 08:29 NYXT Original

More than just dumpster diving, New Yorkers reclaim edible and reusable refuse from the city's stores and supermarkets to save money, and build community and sustainability.

NYXT.nyc 05:13 NYXT Original

A nonprofit organization offers horseback riding sessions as animal therapy for children and adults with disabilities, special needs and veterans in NYC.

Hell's Kitchen Farm Project

NYXT.nyc 05:35 NYXT Original

The roof of midtown's Metro Baptist Church is home to an agricultural center that feeds the neighborhood's low-income residents with its food pantry, while inspiring its volunteers to live sustainably.

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