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Harlem-based Futuro Media Group seeks to amplify the unheard voices missing from mainstream media. Presenting perspectives from people of color, the organization aims to give added dimensions to the American zeitgeist through independent media.

Videos from Futuro Media Group

Bronx River Cleanup

Futuro Media Group 04:07 Politics and Advocacy

Teenage volunteers team up with the Bronx River Alliance to protect Soundview Park, local wildlife, and NYC waterways from pollution while encouraging aquatic recreation.

Along For The Ride

Futuro Media Group 03:37 Politics and Advocacy

A Cuban Paralympic athlete lives with a disability and becomes a renowned cyclist.

Humanizing America: Standing Rock

Futuro Media Group 05:51 Politics and Advocacy

The indigenous water protectors and their allies protest for their sacred land and environmental protections against corporations wishing to install a toxic oil pipeline, featuring tribal rights lawyer, Tara Houska.

Humanizing America: Leaders of Color

Futuro Media Group 04:36 Politics and Advocacy

A Black student at the University of Chicago finds mentorship in President Obama's former senior advisor, David Axelrod, and encourages underserved communities to run for political office.

Humanizing America: Young and Muslim

Futuro Media Group 04:26 Politics and Advocacy

Journalist Maria Hinojosa talks with a Muslim, Arab-American woman in Chicago who registers members of her community to vote in the face of Islamophobia, hate crimes and travel bans.

Humanizing America: Undocumented and Asian

Futuro Media Group 03:55 Politics and Advocacy

An undocumented Korean family in Queens talks with Maria Hinojosa about living in fear of being deported and becoming advocates for other immigrants.

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According to Harlem-based Futuro Media Group, only 38% of Blacks and Latinos feel their views are represented in mainstream media. FMG’s editorial team consists of 79% people of color, giving a much-needed multicultural perspective about local and global events. Futuro also strives to provide tools for the next generation of creators to be able to tell their own stories on their own terms.

Futuro founder and Emmy-winning reporter Maria Hinojosa wanted to create media that reflected America’s changing demographic, transforming from majority white to majority Latinx within the next 25 years. From LGBTQ communities, to immigrants to millennials-- all demographics shaping our current culture and the faces of our future—Hinojosa profiled individuals within these groups and more.

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