Spring in New York: "Finding Silence" NYXT Original Series

Spring in New York is here, which means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. As you shed your winter coat, take some time to savor the sun in a hidden oasis around the city. While many people think you have to leave New York to find a quiet spot, there are plenty of spaces to revel in Spring without going far at all.


Head over to the ravine at Central Park to sit by a gorgeous waterfall and relish the silence.

This secluded spot is perfect for bird watchers and nature lovers who want to take some time and appreciate the quiet. The ravine is part of North Woods, a 90-acre woodland area, home to plant species and birds waiting to be discovered. Enjoy the view, architecture, and sculptures as you walk the rustic path to the ravine.


Another sunny day spot is Riverside Park South, located at 59th Street Columbus Circle.

Visitors can sunbathe in the grass while enjoying a refreshing breeze coming off the water. The park offers a bike line for those looking to exercise while appreciating the outdoors. There are benches and unique seating all along the bike lane for anyone who wants to sit and relax, and a boardwalk runs through an overgrown garden, giving visitors quiet spots to reflect or enjoy a book. The park is open from 6:00 am - 1:00 am, making it accessible to even those with the most hectic of schedules.


For plant and flower lovers, head over the the Conservatory Garden to sit amongst beauty.

This is the only formal garden in Central Park and is free of runners and cyclists, making it the perfect location to savor the silence. The Conservatory Garden is often the place of wedding photos, due to its gorgeous aesthetic. The statues in the garden mimic those from The Secret Garden, making this oasis even more magical. This quiet spot is great anyone who wants a relaxing afternoon away from the noises of the city.  


Spring in New York can be enjoyed from many hidden spots around the city. Now that the weather is nice, go outside for some sun and relaxation in any of these delightfully quiet places.

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