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MNN's Youth Media Center offers Manhattan residents ages 16 to 24 free video production training, digital journalism internships and the opportunity to produce social justice focused media on important youth issues for MNN's award-winning Youth Channel, which airs weeknights from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm on MNN4.

Videos from MNN's Youth Channel

MNN's Youth Channel 04:46 Youth

Tattoos are increasingly popular as a form of bodily self-expression.

Graffiti in NYC Part 2

MNN's Youth Channel 02:44 Fine Arts

An interview with James Top, who has been active as a graffiti artist in NYC since the 1970s.

Chinatown Gangs

MNN's Youth Channel 04:04 Youth

The story of how Chinatown was once one of NYC's most violent areas.

Grand Central Vs. Penn Station

MNN's Youth Channel 02:06 Community

A quick guide to the history of New York City's two iconic train stations.

Sleep Paralysis

MNN's Youth Channel 05:20 Youth

Sleep difficulties can pose a variety of problems for those who are afflicted.

Men of Color in Fashion

MNN's Youth Channel 04:59 Youth

An interview with fashion designer Ilbert Sanchez.

MNN's Youth Channel 03:19 Youth

East Harlem-based artist Manny Vega creates murals and other visual art in the neighborhood.

MNN's Youth Channel 01:23 Youth

A look at a notable bridge lurking in Midtown Manhattan.

MNN's Youth Channel 02:30 Youth

An exploration of one of The Bronx's defining neighborhoods.

MNN's Youth Channel 01:25 Youth

A big new installation of public art in Central Park is drawing attention.

Games In Our Society

MNN's Youth Channel 02:20 Youth

Video games are increasingly central to American culture.

Women In History Game

MNN's Youth Channel 06:54 Youth

Three young women play a game identifying famous women in history.

Roosevelt Island and The Smallpox Hospital

MNN's Youth Channel 02:00 Health

A quick historical tour of a landmark hospital on Roosevelt Island.

Graffiti in NYC

MNN's Youth Channel 02:22 Youth

A look around at the prominent street art in NYC.

MNN's Youth Channel 03:47 Youth

Busking is the number one source of free entertainment in New York City.

MNN's Youth Channel 05:07 Youth

LGBTQ youth express their concerns about media representation.

This Home Is Not Broken

MNN's Youth Channel 05:42 Youth

Single moms share their stories of empowerment, and discuss the necessity for more childcare and safe parenting resources.

Young Lords Way

MNN's Youth Channel 04:32 Community

The Young Lords are honored with a street re-naming in East Harlem.

MNN's Youth Channel 04:26 Youth

The story of how Laquan assumed a different position in his family after the death of his father.

MNN's Youth Channel 05:21 Youth

The Youth Channel talks about the benefits of fitness and gives a few tips on how to get motivated.

MNN's Youth Channel 03:10 Youth

The Youth Channel chats with a current cannabis user about why he began to smoke, and the stereotypes he, amongst others, are categorized under due to the consumption.

Perspectives On Student Loans

MNN's Youth Channel 04:19 Youth

The Youth Channel's Tamara speaks with current and future college students about the pros and cons of student loans.

MNN's Youth Channel 05:08 Youth

The Youth Channel explores how art can tackle mental health issues through self expression.

Cure For Conflict: Prison System

MNN's Youth Channel 01:56 Youth

The Youth Channel's Bilal talks about the United States prison culture, and how mass incarceration has had no positive impact on crime.

Undocumented Motherhood

MNN's Youth Channel 06:57 Youth

The Youth Channel talks with Dulce Martinez who was brought to the United States as a young girl by her parents, and shares the obstacles she faced to become DREAMer.

German Expressionism

MNN's Youth Channel 03:09 Youth

The Youth Channel breaks down German Expressionism and how it has influenced current mainstream artists and filmmakers.

MNN's Youth Channel 07:13 Youth

The Youth Channel focuses on fast food restaurants and how the FDA doesn't properly regulate what goes inside the food.

Dealing With the MTA

MNN's Youth Channel 04:10 Youth

The Youth Channel talks with locals about riding the Subway and whether they believe the price hikes match up to the service.

MNN's Youth Channel 02:05 Youth

The Youth Channel's Ari speaks on gender identity, and how it plays a role on their day-to-day decisions, appearance, and sexuality.

Swipe It Forward

MNN's Youth Channel 04:41 Youth

The Youth Channel chats with activists about the rise of New York City's Public Transportation costs and its affects on low income communities.

Homeless Youth in NYC

MNN's Youth Channel 05:12 Youth

The Youth Channel speaks with members of Picture the Homeless about the misconception of homeless youth in New York City.

MNN's Youth Channel 04:52 Youth

The Youth Channel visits their local super market to find some healthy alternatives from the fast food restaurants.

Harlem Community Rap

MNN's Youth Channel 03:06 Youth

The Youth Channel's Brazil raps about the importance of history and characteristics of East Harlem in the rise of gentrification.

MNN's Youth Channel 05:39 Youth

The Youth Channel visits the Museum of the City of New York to speak with a fellow about the "AIDS At Home" exhibition and how it shines a spotlight on untold personal stories of struggles during the AIDS epidemic.

Blurring Gender Lines: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

MNN's Youth Channel 04:43 Youth

The Youth Channel talks with Alexandera Ross about her experience with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a female, and how the sport increased her body positivity.

MNN's Youth Channel 07:24 Youth

The Youth Channel chats with "A.P." about the obstacles he had to face in Singapore and how the United States allowed him to get a proper education for his learning disability.

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