3 Generations
3 Generations is a non-profit that documents stories of human rights abuses on film. They enable survivors of crimes against humanity to record their experiences as an act of healing, a call-to-action, and to create historical evidence. They amplify and honor each witness' voice by creating broad audiences: social media, film festivals, education outreach, screenings, partnerships, web-channels and more. Their goal is to influence the national dialogue and build momentum for social change.

Videos from 3 Generations

3 Generations 03:53 Health

Dr. Sonja Batten explains post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Imran: A Refugees Journey

3 Generations 06:11 Politics and Advocacy

A refugee from Burma eventually ends up in the United States after eight years.

Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl

3 Generations 04:05 Politics and Advocacy

Activists work to combat trafficking at events like the Super Bowl.

Greenland: Our Future Is Melting

3 Generations 03:19 Science

A visit to Greenland to film global warming in action.

3 Generations 01:47 Politics and Advocacy

A sculpture about human trafficking victims is constructed in Union Square.

Two Cops Two Cultures

3 Generations 04:48 Politics and Advocacy

An American police officer visits Sweden to learn how the different countries work on human trafficking cases.

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3 Generations was originally created to document and raise awareness of the genocide in Darfur– the first genocide of the 21st Century. In 2005 we visited Sudan and Chad to collect testimonies. Struck by the horror of the situation in Darfur and the lack of international attention, we produced the feature documentary "The Devil Came on Horseback" and helped create its extensive engagement campaign.

Since 2005, our agenda has expanded. At its heart, however, our on-going campaign is a story-telling one that includes testimony from survivors from the Armenian genocide in 1915 to the present day. We curate and cross-reference the stories of survivors of different conflicts to show the common experience of genocide survivors. By collecting stories we honor the lives of those who died, help the healing process for survivors and make their stories available to the world, permanently.

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