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At NYXT.nyc, our goal is to help New Yorkers discover, connect, and engage with the community and provide viewers with the tools to live a more enriching life.

We believe that volunteering in New York City is one of the best ways to explore your neighborhood and build meaningful connections. With so many organizations calling New York City home, it can be a challenge to find the perfect opportunity to get involved and volunteer.

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Whether you are looking to find a new volunteer opportunity or attend an event or performance hosted by one of our community partners, the NYXT.nyc Community Event Calendar is a great place to start. We add new events each week, so check back often.

You can explore upcoming events and volunteer opportunities by sorting by date or by category using the link below.

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Upcoming Featured Events

Jan 18 Sat   |   11 am Women's March 2020 Planned Parenthood of Greater New York
Jan 20 Mon   |   11 am Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Museum of the City of New York
Jan 22 Wed   |   10 am Collecting New York's Stories Stuyvesant to Sid Vicious Museum of the City of New York

Why Volunteer?

Aside from the enormous impact that individuals can have on their community, volunteers themselves also benefit from getting involved. Volunteerism has been found to lengthen lifespan, reduce stress, improve mood, and reduce anxiety and depression among volunteers.

Discover the Benefits of Volunteering

Community Partners

Discover our content partners, and connect with the organizations that are building community in Manhattan.

A Call To Men

Futuro Media Group

Opportunity Agenda

Safe Horizon

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Fund

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