A Call To Men
A Call To Men is an organization that encourages educating men and boys with the goal of teaching them to be more respectful of women and to reduce violence against them. From inside schools to the workplace to the government, they examine ideas of toxic masculinity and learn to harness negative energies into positive ones.

Videos from A Call To Men

A Call To Men 04:14 Politics and Advocacy

A father talks with an audience about the fear of not being able to protect his daughter who is away at college.

Why Are We Not Outraged

A Call To Men 02:43 Politics and Advocacy

Tony Porter shares statistics of violence against women, and how manhood should be challenged to end this epidemic.

Why The Lack of Interest?

A Call To Men 02:39 Politics and Advocacy

Tony Porter talks about young boys being raised into gender-role stereotypes that later lead to violence.

Talking To The NFL

A Call To Men 01:44 Politics and Advocacy

A Call to Men teams up with former NFL members to lecture young men on violence and how to become a solution to end it.

The Next Generation of Manhood

A Call To Men 02:17 Politics and Advocacy

A Call To Men visits Kenya to facilitate a LiveRespect curriculum for bullying and violence prevention in school and sports.

A Call To Men 01:37 Politics and Advocacy

A father explains how the new generation of male role models are allowing a feminine color become masculine.

Our Silence Speaks Volumes

A Call To Men 02:19 Politics and Advocacy

Tony Porter gives advice to men on ending violence against women: one of the leading causes of female injuries and deaths.

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A Call To Men has grown significantly over the past 20+ years working with and training men, from all walks of life. From professional sports such as the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League, to the United States Military, the Department of Justice and the United Nations. A Call To Men works to promote a healthy, respectful manhood that values all human beings. This is the next generation of manhood. 

A Call To Men continues to work with communities to educate people on the violence against women, sexual assault & harassment. Whether it’s challenging the “man box” or promoting a safe and inclusive environment for women, this organization is changing social norms.

A Call To Men provides a series of educational training and bonding events for men and boys about violent acts committed on women. Men in this program continue to set the standard for treating women with fairly and make a positive contribution to their communities and humanity.

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