WITNESS makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to use video and technology to protect and defend human rights. Every day, activists and citizens risk their lives to expose the truth and WITNESS ensures their efforts aren’t in vain.

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WITNESS 02:36 Politics and Advocacy

Video is key in one man's struggle with ICE.

Meet Emma Alaniz

WITNESS 02:23 Politics and Advocacy

A Mexican woman talks about her fight for human rights.

Justice for Samir

WITNESS 01:38 Politics and Advocacy

Activists use video to fight for human rights in Mexico.

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WITNESS helps human rights defenders use video to expose injustice. They coordinate with local citizens and organizations, conduct on-the-ground trainings, and provide free online resources in multiple languages. WITNESS aims to help individuals document abuses safely and use footage effectively to create positive change in their communities. 

Since WITNESS’ founding in 1992, its story has been one of ceaseless innovation. In partnership with activists, tech companies, civil rights lawyers, communities, and non-governmental organizations, they have been dedicated to maximizing the potential of the 21st century’s most powerful tools for defending human rights.

WITNESS believes, with the right tools, networks and guidance, anyone, anywhere, can use video and technology to defend human rights. Anyone can be a witness. Learn how you can get involved.

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