Union Settlement on Building Community in East Harlem

Nov 24, 2020 3 Min Read

 Image via unionsettlement.org. According to the New York State Department of Labor, private sector jobs in New York City fell by 583,800 in 2020 to 3,478,800 in September 2020. Losses were widespre...

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Three Groups That Will Help You Get Your Body Moving - Part 2

Nov 17, 2020 3 Min Read

Three Groups That Will Help You Get Your Body Moving - Part 2 Image via movementresearch.org Spending so much time at home this year has been challenging, and this time of the year tends to ...

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Three Groups That Will Help You Get Your Body Moving

Nov 10, 2020 3 Min Read

  Image via bikenewyork.org. Moving your body reduces the risk of having a heart attack, helps manage your weight, regulates your cholesterol level, and lowers the risk of diabetes and ...

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A Call To Men on Practicing Healthy Manhood

Nov 03, 2020 6 Min Read

 Image via acalltomen.org A Call To Men is an organization that encourages educating men and boys with the goal of teaching them to be more respectful of women and to reduce violence against women a...

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Three Organizations Working to Defend The Right To Vote

Oct 23, 2020 4 Min Read

Image via opensocietyfoundations.org. The presidential elections are one week away and tension is in the air. Climate change, racial justice, immigration rights, and public health are currently on th...

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DOROT on Fighting Isolation by Building Friendships

Oct 22, 2020 4 Min Read

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, loneliness, sickness, stress, and the vulnerability of the body are situations that we are all suffering in one way or another, personally or feeling worried abou...

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10 Organizations Working to Protect The Environment - Part 2

Oct 20, 2020 4 Min Read

  Image via nyrp.org Many forests around the globe are on fire, numerous species continue to disappear, and last year the global sea level was 3.4 inches above the 1993 average. The last United Nat...

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