About NYXT

NYXT.nyc is a cable channel and digital platform that provides pathways for New Yorkers to engage with organizations that are making a positive impact within the community.

Watch NYXT in Manhattan on Spectrum 1992 and Fios 38, in Brooklyn on Spectrum 1997, Fios 45, and RCN 85, and The Bronx on Fios 2138 and Optimum 952. You can also watch the 24/7 livestream or stream from our on-demand video library.

Our Mission

In a city as large and diverse as New York, we know it can be overwhelming when trying to find volunteer opportunities with local organizations. NYXT.nyc was created as a way to showcase a growing collection of short stories from a variety of organizations that need your help.

Something for Everyone

Despite how connected the world is today, it’s easy to feel isolated within your own neighborhood. We want to provide simple ways to get involved, take action, and make a change, while helping you get to know and celebrate your neighbors. Produced by Manhattan Neighborhood Network in partnership with over 140 community content partners, NYXT.nyc’s innovative program format highlights New York City’s many voices in a variety of ways. There’s a place for everyone to lend a hand!

Planned Parenthood of Greater New York Looking for communities fostered by health and wellness?

Health, wellness and a centered soul are the keys to longevity. Learn more about our partners committed to community well-being on the inside and out, as they document advances in healthcare, health policies, and provide a network of support for patients and loved ones.

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Care. No Matter What.
John Jay College of Criminal Justice Democratizing education is the key to the future

Education is the cornerstone of our communities, but disparities in opportunity plague many children today. Get connected with organizations that provide mentorships, or get your student involved in a variety of programs as they journey towards self-realization to help them shape their dreams for the future.

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International Students
MNN's Youth Channel Want to be a leader for the next generation?

Young people are our future, and it’s important to listen to and amplify their voices. Participating in youth-oriented groups, as a mentor or mentee, introduces valuable new perspectives that can have lifelong impact. Be a part of the hopes and dreams of the newest generation and guide them as they come into their own while navigating life’s wonders.

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Homeless Youth in NYC
Harlem One Stop Looking to learn more about new communities and hidden gems right in your backyard?

Our community is where we live, work and dream, and it’s up to all of us to keep working to make it a better place. Learn about groups working for the collective betterment, discover hidden gems and family-friendly events throughout the city, or explore ways to lift up all the members of your neighborhood; there is a place for everyone to make their mark and see new sides to their city!

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Morningside Lights
Asia Society Step out of your world and experience something new

Exploring new and different cultures is how we learn to walk in another’s shoes. The more we know about our neighbors, the more our differences are demystified. Through books, food, travel, world history and current events, and more, get passionate about discovering a new point of view and participate with local groups who offer enlightened perspectives.

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A Musical Dialogue
Wildlife Conservation Society Are you an environmentalist and are looking for ways to help the earth?

Science is knowledge, and the search for truth is a universal denominator. The wonders of nature and humanity are all around us with endless opportunities to explore our environment. Support organizations that protect the planet and its wildlife as you learn about the microcosms that make up the Earth’s collective community.

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An Elephant's Tale
ART21 Get inspired by creators and shape the newest generation of artists

Art has the power to educate and awe. Many artists today are using their platforms to spread messages of hope, strife and endurance that reflect survival in an unpredictable world. Find inspiration in their work and get involved in supporting artistic endeavors and organizations that promote freedom of expression.

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Bryan Zanisnik & Eric Winkler's Animated Conversation
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Celebrate and support all forms of self-expression

Performance can fill the gaps when words fail. From dance to comedy and improv to musical interludes, connect with organizations committed to expressions beyond the written word, allowing us to transcend the mundane and find emotion in movement and melody.

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Ailey Classics
Innocence Project Looking to make inroads towards due process in our criminal justice system?

Whether you are passionate about politics, looking to make politics your career, or simply a concerned citizen who is passionate about a particular cause, participation in political advocacy groups in New York City presents the opportunity to make the world a better and more just place for all.

Learn More
Ask an Innocence Project Attorney

Three Ways to Watch NYXT

Online Live Stream

You can watch NYXT anywhere in the world on your computer, mobile device or tablet! Just go to NYXT.nyc/live and we're airing 24 hours a day!

Live on Local TV

Don't touch that remote! For Manhattan residents, you can watch NYXT the old-school way, cablecasting on your television 24/7 on Spectrum 1992 or FiOS 38

Online On-Demand

Watch as many videos as you want on demand on NYXT. You can explore videos by content partner or theme - no matter what you're looking for, there's somethin for everyone!

Watch NYXT Originals

NYXT.nyc also features originally produced content about the people, places, and events that make Manhattan unique.

This ongoing series highlights the organizations, opportunities, and individual New Yorkers who find ways to serve others on a regular basis. These volunteers consistently show up to make a positive impact on those around them.

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