Multicultural Music Group
The Multicultural Music Group, Inc. is a non-profit organization established in 1996 as a response to the need of multicultural music representation in the symphonic repertoire, the teacher training curricula and the instrumental music programs in the schools.   As a result of the paucity of multicultural music in instrumental settings and the need for cultural understanding among ethnic groups, the organization had a great acceptance by different audiences and educational institutions in New York City.

Videos from Multicultural Music Group

Multicultural Music Group 04:44 Performing Arts

A rendition of "Orca" by composer and trumpeter Bruce Purse.

Multicultural Music Group 04:22 Performing Arts

A performance of a piece by legendary Grammy-winning Latin composer Ray Santos.

In a Brotherly Mood

Multicultural Music Group 02:26 Performing Arts

A performance of Luis Mojica's "In a Brotherly Mood."

El Dia Que Me Quieras

Multicultural Music Group 05:39 Performing Arts

The MMG performs a classic piece from French-Argentine composer Carlos Gardel.

A Trail in Tears

Multicultural Music Group 05:13 Performing Arts

A performance of Luis Mojica's "A Trail of Tears" from the MMG.

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MMG provides music instruction, professional development, and multicultural performances in the symphonic setting with a research component, which provides information about the origins and development of different musical genres.

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