Ballet Tech is an educational institution that is as committed to arts education as it is to scholarly achievement. With an emphasis on classical dance, intense training and committed instructors help prepare students from underserved communities for careers in performing arts as many alumni go on to perform with some of the world’s most renowned companies.

Videos from Ballet Tech

Ballet Tech 02:52 Performing Arts

Selected moments from Eliot Feld's Pointing, a show frequently performed by Ballet Tech.

Ballet Tech 02:49 Performing Arts

Excerpts from Panorama, a Ballet Tech production from 2016.

It's The Effort That Counts

Ballet Tech 02:33 Youth

Some select segments from It's The Effort That Counts by Stephanie Terasaki, Conner Bormann and Riley O’Flynn.

Ballet Tech 03:03 Youth

Some select segments from Eliot Feld's Dotty Polkas, dance by Ballet Tech students at the Joyce Theater.

Ballet Tech 04:02 Performing Arts

Some excerpts from Eliot Feld's KYDZNY, danced by Kids Dance.

Ballet Tech 03:54 Youth

Selected moments from Eliot Feld's The Jig Is Up, from a Ballet Tech performance at the Joyce Theater in 2017.

Ballet Tech 02:09 Performing Arts

Excerpts from Eliot Feld's Quickstep, danced by Ballet Tech students on stage at the Joyce Theater.

Ballet Tech 01:44 Performing Arts

These are clips from Julia Eichten's Monsieur, danced by Kids Dance at the Joyce Theater.

Meshugana Dance

Ballet Tech 02:24 Performing Arts

A clip from from Eliot Feld's Meshugana Dance, danced by Kids Dance.

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Every year, the students of Ballet Tech show off their performances skills— as well as other learned abilities through the discipline of dance—  at an annual performance entitled Kids Dance at NYC’s Joyce Theatre. Because of the costs and commitments of ballet, the school attracts many from underserved communities to explore the world of ballet that they normally would not have access to with its free tuition. Says founder Eliot Feld,  “We want the ones who might never have known that they have a passion or talent. That’s why we go to them.” 

The students of Ballet Tech are able to attain a top-notch, tuition-free education through the generosity of donors. By supporting the school, you provide transportation, dance apparel, extracurricular programming for these scholars, in addition to helping with the cost of keeping the school state-of-the-art. Learn more about tax-deductible ways to contribute to providing arts education that will impact kids who need it most.

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