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Brooklyn Music School's mission is to make it possible for everyone, regardless of their background and resources, to be able to experience the joy of music and the artistic and intellectual benefits of musical performance. BMS views music and performance as the birthright of all people, an essential way that human beings connect with others and explore their creativity. The study of music has been demonstrated to enhance academic learning and helps to develop discipline and confidence that will serve children well throughout their lives.

Videos from Brooklyn Music School

Venus and Adonis

Brooklyn Music School 01:59 Performing Arts

Highlights from a recent performance of "Venus and Adonis."

To Dream A World

Brooklyn Music School 01:57 Performing Arts

Highlights from a recent performance of "To Dream A World."

All Wounds Bleed

Brooklyn Music School 01:58 Performing Arts

Highlights from a recent performance of "All Wounds Bleed."

Alida and the Hummingbird

Brooklyn Music School 01:58 Performing Arts

Highlights from a recent performance of "Alida and the Hummingbird."

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The Brooklyn Music School is a community school for the performing arts, founded in 1909 as the Brooklyn Music School Settlement. The school was founded by European immigrants for whom the performance and appreciation of music was an essential part of life, and who wished to bring high quality music and performance to a broader audience of new Americans.

Today, Brooklyn continues to be a magnet for people from around the world, both musicians seeking new audiences and families seeking a better life. BMS has stayed true to its heritage of building communities through the joy and appreciation of music.

BMS is committed to serving the community by providing high quality music and dance instruction without regard to income, age, previous experience or professional aspirations. All students are given a solid foundation and develop discipline, self-confidence, and poise. 

For many of our students, we provide the only exposure to music instruction that they will receive. For others, BMS serves as a launch pad to impressive professional careers in music and performance, and our alumni have gone on to attend the most competitive conservatories in America and abroad.

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