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The Educational Video Center (EVC) is a media organization that teaches youth how to create documentaries, encouraging those who want to communicate a commitment to social justice. EVC students have created award winning documentaries about a wide variety of subjects, from immigration and the environment and the criminal justice system to bullying and depression.

Videos from Educational Video Center

Educational Video Center 24:01 Education

An artistic high school student from the Bronx faces obstacles in graduating and deliberates dropping out to help support his family. Community and educational organizations like Urban Youth Collaborative encourage him to stay in school.

What's Your Beautiful?

Educational Video Center 22:51 Education

A short documentary about the rise of social media and selfie culture and how it triggers young women's self-esteem, and how creative outlets like filmmaking can promote confidence.

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At the Educational Video Center (EVC), New York City high school students not only learn the art of documentary filmmaking, but also valuable lessons about professionalism, social change and critical thinking. Through EVC’s programs, students build skill sets they can take with them through their educational and professional careers. Plus, the center even offers training for educators.

- Youth Documentary Workshop: This workshop teaches students the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking. They learn how to research, plan, shoot and edit a social issues documentary, all while receiving academic credit.

- Professional Development Program: This program gives educators who teach grades pre-K through 12 the skills needed to successfully integrate video production into their lesson plans.

- New Media Arts Apprenticeship: Students who participate in this workshop will learn video production, photography, web design and app creation.

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