NYXT Up: Introducing Our Newest Content Partners

NYXT brings you media content straight from organizations making an impact in New York City. Just as the Manhattan groups and institutions we feature are working to build connections between the people in our community, NYXT provides you with the tools and inspiration to connect with your neighborhood. We are thrilled to announce our new content partners and share the meaningful contributions they are making to New York arts, media, policy, and education. Look out for news and stories about our content partners here on the NYXT Blog!



Art 21 is a global leader in producing inspiring content about contemporary art. Art 21 produces films, publications, public events, and digital programs that seek to inspire everyone with the power of art and creativity. Through its Peabody Award-winning PBS series Art in the Twenty-First Century and online series New York Close Up and Extended Play, Art21 features contemporary New York artists on the world stage.


Urban Arts Partnership

The Urban Arts Partnership is bringing arts education to New York City public schools. By integrating arts appreciation and hands-on activities into the educational environment, UAP fosters a love of the arts, boosts academic performance, and inspires creativity in students and teachers alike.


Museum of the City of New York

The Museum of the City of New York celebrates our unique city with collections and exhibitions that educate the public about its history, culture, and art. The Museum has programming for the entire family, including classes for children of all ages and events from lectures to wine tastings happening nearly every day.


Futuro Media Group

Futuro Media Group is an independent non-profit organization that produces multimedia content from the perspective of people of color. With a focus on ethical journalism, Futuro produces media like NPR’s Latino USA, PBS’s America By the Numbers, and the podcast In the Thick that reflect New York and all of America’s new multicultural reality.


Harlem Arts Festival

The Harlem Arts Festival, founded in 2010, provides opportunities for New York artists to perform and exhibit throughout the city. With regular events throughout the year, HAF supports artistic creativity and career development and provides inspiring encounters with artworks, live performances, and workshops and classes for the general public.


New York Anti-Trafficking Network

The New York Anti-Trafficking Network is an inspiring group of New York professionals who are bringing awareness to the issue of human trafficking and working to end it through law and policy change. Through its lawyers, social workers, and policy advocates, NYATN has provided legal and social services to thousands of human trafficking survivors since 2002 and is making a difference in immigration policy and gender equality both in New York and at the federal level.


Opportunity Agenda 

The Opportunity Agenda provides the support and resources to advance the voices of social justice advocates in New York City. Through workshops that provide communications training and networking opportunities, an online library of research resources and publications, and by organizing its own special projects that focus on underserved areas of the community, Opportunity Agenda is creating buzz and empowering people to advance the causes they care about.


Stuttering Association for the Young 

The Stuttering Association for the Young is a national non-profit organization that brings therapy, after-school programming, and summer camp experiences to young people with speech disorders. With a focus on creative expression and acceptance, SAY is empowering children to overcome speech impediments and build confidence in their voice and themselves.


The Youth Channel

The Youth Channel is a production of The Youth Media Center, a Manhattan organization providing young people ages 16-24 with free video production training and journalism internships. The Youth Channel, which airs on MNN4 on weeknights from 6-7pm, features social justice-focused media produced by passionate young people.


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