Streetfilms creates short films encouraging people-friendly forms of urban transportation. Streetfilms' advocacy for bike lanes and car-free events have led to changes all over the United States and Latin America.

Videos from Streetfilms

Paint the Pavement

Streetfilms 03:34 Community

Brooklyn schoolchildren paint the pavement outside their building and promote people-friendly streets.

Fixing the Great Mistake

Streetfilms 03:43 Community

20th century leaders thought that cars were the future of cities; 21st century leaders have sought to right thing wrong by favoring cycling and public transport.

Broadway Comes to Life

Streetfilms 02:44 Community

The decision to block off roads in Midtown led to more outdoor cafes, cyclists, and walking in the city.

Mapping Your NYC Bike Commute

Streetfilms 04:31 Community

A cyclists shows how easy it is to map a bike commute around New York City.

Clowns Liberate Bike Lanes

Streetfilms 03:08 Community

Clowns hit the streets of New York City where they use humor to make drivers unblock bike lanes.

The Origins of Citibike

Streetfilms 04:07 Community

New York City launches the biggest bike sharing system in the country.

Earl Blumenauer Comes to New York City

Streetfilms 03:58 Community

Earl Blumenauer talks about the bike movement that's happening around the country.

Floating Parking

Streetfilms 02:05 Community

New York City introduces floating parking to increase safety for drivers and cyclists.

Mary Beth Kelly

Streetfilms 01:36 Community

Mary Beth Kelly expresses the importance of pedestrian safety.

Lady Liberty Marries Mr. Transit

Streetfilms 02:42 Community

A skit from the New York Autoshow about "Lady Liberty" and "Mr. Transit"'s wedding.

Kidical Mass Zombie Ride

Streetfilms 02:22 Community

Learn how Kidical Mass encourages children to put their gadgets down and hop on their bikes.

Green Benefits of Bike Lanes

Streetfilms 02:01 Community

Learn how bike lanes are helping the city's landscaping projects and have increased commuter safety.

Holiday Subway Rides

Streetfilms 01:10 Community

Take a look at the past with the special New York City holiday subway rides.

Counting Bicyclists on Manhattan Bridge

Streetfilms 02:43 Community

Two men visit the Manhattan Bridge to count how many cyclists ride over the bridge to Brooklyn.

Citibikes Abound!

Streetfilms 01:50 Community

New Yorkers take advantage of the Summer Streets.

Canal and Lafayette

Streetfilms 01:22 Community

Mark Gorton visits the intersection of Canal and Lafayette in Manhattan to show the dangerous traffic conditions that have led to high reports in car crashes.

My NYC Biking Story by Dr Jen Petersen

Streetfilms 01:40 Community

Dr. Jen Petersen uses her title as an Urban Sociologist to plan out commutes on her bike.

My NYC Biking Story by Bin Feng Zheng

Streetfilms 01:40 Community

An NYC Bike Ambassador for Transportation Alternatives talks about his role and how he seeks to increase bike safety.

My NYC Biking Story by Dr Janice Turner

Streetfilms 01:39 Community

Dr. Janice Turner talks about the unhealthy conditions Bronx residents live with and how Sustainable South Bronx seeks to improve these conditions.

My NYC Biking Story by Gabri Christa

Streetfilms 01:36 Community

Gabri Christa shares her story of being able to explore the streets of New York City while biking to work.

My NYC Biking Story by Sarinya Srisakul

Streetfilms 01:35 Community

Sarinya talks about the benefits of biking to work.

My NYC Biking Story by Kimberly White

Streetfilms 01:36 Community

A college student picks up the cycling lifestyle after declaring environmental justice as her major.

My NYC Biking Story by Squid

Streetfilms 01:40 Community

Squid recalls the differences of riding a bike in New York City in the 1990's and today.

My NYC Biking Story by Lucette Gilbert

Streetfilms 01:32 Community

Lucette Gilbert recalls the transformations of biking through out the decades.

My NYC Biking Story by Marcus Woollen

Streetfilms 01:52 Community

My NYC Biking Story by Steve O'Neill

Streetfilms 01:44 Community

A father talks about the benefits of bike lanes, and how they have shortened his son's commute to school.

Hal Grades Your Bike Locking

Streetfilms 06:30 Community

Hal walks around New York City grading how secure people lock their bikes.

Gridlock Alert Days

Streetfilms 03:14 Community

Hit the streets on Gird Lock Alert Days and see the cons of high traffic in the city.

Bicycle Boulevards for NYC

Streetfilms 05:26 Community

Experts talk about bike boulevards in Europe, and how bringing them to New York City would benefit communities.

Great City Streets

Streetfilms 06:20 Community

Learn the benefits of a walkable urban experience.

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One of Streetfilms’ first big breaks was covering the weekly Colombian cultural event, Ciclovia, in which all the streets of capital city Bogota are closed to cars to make way for cyclists and pedestrians.

As citizens walk, skate or bike through the streets, they can take part in aerobics or yoga, have a picnic, catch up with friends and family, or listen to a musical performance.

Since 1974, the event was created to promote cultural bonding as well as an active, healthy lifestyle. It’s a city-wide block party that’s nothing but a good time.

More on Streetfilms in Cicolivia


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