National Bike Month Goes Big in New York

Extraterrestrials and ten year old children know that bicycles are the vehicle of the future. It’s obviously the machine that is going to fly us to the moon and - let's be honest - it’s also the coolest object to have in your hands. Ever tried to impress a boy by using your smartphone?  Ever invited a girl to check out your toaster at sunset? I doubt it.

Celebrating National Bike Month, we are thrilled to announce that Bike New York has joined NYXT as a content partner and we will support their Five Boro Bike Tour this weekend - the biggest urban bike ride in the world! Along with NYXT content partners like Transportation Alternatives and StreetFilms, they advocate for smart transportation through educational programs and, by working with every borough, taking action to reclaim the streets.

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Road bike, folding bike, adventure bike, mountain bike - it doesn’t matter what type of ride just as as long as you try!  If you’re not ready yet, no pressure. No really, no pressure. Take your time enjoying the charming crowds of the L train.

Just kidding: start biking today!

It’s never too late, and I mean it: I learned how to ride a bike when I was twenty-one; it was a red English bike that was as heavy as wet Louisiana mud, but I soon found my balance and began to feel that the bike, myself, and humanity, were just as light as pink cotton candy. Looking at the city from a different perspective expanded my mind and I felt like I had the power to change the world. All thanks to a simple bicycle.  There’s never too old of an age to start building new habits, so there’s no reason not to start now.

Even if you don’t quite feel my enthuthiasm for cycling, here you can find some simple facts:

- It increases cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and flexibility.

- It improves joint mobility, posture and coordination.

- It decreases stress levels, anxiety, depression and body fat levels.

- It is an affordable, reliable and pollution-free mode of transport.

So what’s your excuse? You can attend free classes for children and adults with different levels of experience that will teach you safety tips and help you build confidence to make your first ride the start of an everyday habit. As the revolutionary cyclers of the world say: “We are not blocking traffic; we are traffic.” So come and join us!

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