Ever wanted to learn how to make media but film school seemed out of reach? Take classes at BronxNet, a nonprofit organization that offers media education classes for Bronx residents, from teenagers to adults. Learn production techniques in their state-of-the-art facility, and watch programming that covers local community, political and social issues and broadcasts on Bronx public access channels.

Videos from BronxNet

Get To Know The Bronx: The Kazimiroff Trail

BronxNet 01:10 Community

The Kazimiroff Trail is a path in Pelham Bay Park that runs right beside Orchard Beach.

Get To Know The Bronx: Woodlawn

BronxNet 01:30 Community

As the final resting place of many famous and important people, Woodlawn Cemetery lives a second life as a home to beautiful sculptures, nature, and all sorts of history.

Get To Know The Bronx: City Island

BronxNet 01:00 Community

City Island is a small Bronx neighborhood that feels like a fishing village.

Get To Know The Bronx: Wave Hill

BronxNet 01:15 Community

Wave Hill is a large, green manor that boasts history, art and nature

Get To Know The Bronx: Poe Cottage

BronxNet 01:20 Community

Located between Kingsbridge Avenue and Fordham Road, Poe Cottage is the last residence of poet Edgar Allan Poe.

Get To Know The Bronx: The Piccirilli Brothers

BronxNet 01:00 Community

Hailing from Italy, these six sculptor brothers lived along with their father in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx.

Get To Know The Bronx: Orchard Beach

BronxNet 00:52 Community

Orchard Beach is a manmade beach with a sprawling boardwalk, summer concerts, and filled with sun and sand.

Get To Know The Bronx: The Bronx Zoo

BronxNet 01:15 Community

One of NYC's treasures, The Bronx Zoo is one of America's largest zoos.

Savor The Bronx: Ceetay

BronxNet 02:08 Community

Ceetay is an Asian fusion restaurant in the heart of South Bronx.

Savor The Bronx: Charlies Bar & Kitchen

BronxNet 02:19 Community

Charlies Bar & Kitchen is a restaurant named after all the worlds' Charlies.

Savor The Bronx: Emilia's

BronxNet 02:18 Community

Located in Little Italy at the heart of the world famous Arthur Avenue, Emilia's offers classic Southern Italian cuisine, an outdoor patio, and an environment with a goal to make customers feel right at home.

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BronxNet programming is a doorway to all things Boogie Down as it features residents dishing on their neighborhoods-- they are the people who know the borough best! Bronxnet encourages locals to take ownership of their own narratives by teaching them to become refined storytellers.

People of all ages and cultures enjoy watching film and television, but the entertainment industry is run by many who do not represent the general population. Places like BronxNet make television production accessible for the everyday creative, and to get a leg up in starting a career in media. It’s never too early or late to learn: classes for teens are available, in addition to for-credit internship opportunities for students to gain that competitive edge, as youth can create media by teens and for teens.

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