Can't Is Not An Option With Arts Education!

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Can’t is not an option at the Harlem School of the Arts! Established by opera singer Dorothy Maynor, who, despite facing racism, performed around the world and was the first Black entertainer to perform for a Presidential inauguration. She advocated for arts education as a means to elevate the underserved people of Harlem during the Civil Rights era, and the school offers low-cost education and access to artistic endeavors where opportunities are few. Whether the drama students are performing scenes from William Shakespeare’s “MacBeth” or the orchestra mimics melodies from Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Operator,” the children “grow by challenging themselves artistically” says school president Eric G. Pryor.


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Importance of the Arts

The arts are critical to the human experience and success in arts training is success in life! Learn more about enrolling your student in the Harlem School of the Arts and check out more profiles of uptown in action with our partners at Harlem One Stop!

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