Adult Education: 4 Reasons Why You Should Never Stop Learning

You may not be headed back to school this September, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new. Taking a class, attending a lecture, or even just putting yourself in a new situation is a great way to increase your creativity, advance professionally, and expand your horizons. In case you need more motivation, NYXT has put together four excellent reasons - and a few places to go - to keep learning in Manhattan this fall!


1. To Reach your Potential

Adult education is a great way to invest in yourself professionally, whether you’re climbing the ladder or you’re at the top of your game and reaching higher! Luckily, learning something new is easy with Creative Mornings, a monthly breakfast lecture series. At these free events you can hear world-class innovators and entrepreneurs share their insights and network with like-minded professionals. Did we mention they serve coffee and breakfast? We’ll see you there.


2. To Train your Brain

Studies have demonstrated that learning a new skill is one of the best ways to increase your brain health and mental acuity. Hobbies that rely on coordination and engage your body increase the connections in your brain and improve memory. One study has found that exercising just three times a week can actually increase brain volume. We might recommend getting your hands dirty with a class at La Mano Pottery or challenging your whole body with yoga and meditation at the Laughing Lotus.  


3. To Get out of your Comfort Zone

Education isn’t only a means to increase your intelligence or enhance your credentials. Learning something new can increase confidence and self-esteem and introduce you to fresh faces. Improv comedy and theater are great ways to get out of your shell and challenge yourself to be bold and let loose! Improv classes at Magnet Theater (you can even take a free intro class to get your feet wet) are designed to get you up and moving right away, increasing your confidence as well as your comedic timing, no matter your skill level. Workshops with the New York Neo-Futurists use the arts as a way to foster collaboration and encourage creative authenticity.


4. To Expand your Horizons

You might be a New Yorker but you haven’t seen it all. Although it often feels like the city can meet your every need, Manhattan is just one tiny island. It’s a big world out there! Delving into your cultural roots or immersing yourself in the history and heritage of others is a great way to expand your global awareness (and you don’t even need to get on a ferry). Take a music or dance class at the Irish Arts Center, learn Korean with the Korea Society, or visit the Asia Society museum.


There are countless other reasons to keep adult education a part of your New York life. Find your next learning opportunity with help from our content partners:  


  • Asia Society is an educational organization and museum that promotes understanding among the people and cultures of Asia and the United States.

  • Creative Mornings offer short, free talks to the creative community one Friday each month over breakfast. It's a great way to meet like-minded people and engage with subjects like technology and design.

  • Irish Arts Center projects a dynamic image of Ireland and Irish America through performances, exhibitions, and education.

  • Korea Society promotes awareness, understanding, and cooperation between the United States and Korea.

  • Manhattan Sideways walks the Side Streets of Manhattan, every day to find new, unique, and wonderful places.

  • Magnet Theater is a performance space and training ground for improv comedy in Chelsea.

  • New York Neo-Futurists (NYNF) is an experimental theater group presenting inexpensive art for the general public.



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