Manhattan Sideways
Manhattan Sideways walks the Side Streets of Manhattan, every day to find new, unique, and wonderful places.

Videos from Manhattan Sideways

Manhattan Sideways 01:06 Community

Visit this East Village bakery where fresh bread, coffee and pastries are always on the menu.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Manhattan Sideways 01:31 Community

At Blue Bottle, they take coffee seriously. Watch a barista brew a freshly-roasted batch for patrons to taste test.

Books of Wonder

Manhattan Sideways 00:51 Community

A delightful profile of a children's bookstore in Union Square that carries classics from L. Frank Baum, Dr. Seuss, Maurice Sendak, rare books, and much more.

Manhattan Sideways 05:55 Community

The granddaughter of modernist artist Marc Chagall talks about his influence on her boutique flower shop in the East Village that she has transformed into a peaceful, verdant oasis.

4th Street Photo Gallery

Manhattan Sideways 04:15 Community

Photographer Alex Harsley talks about finding freedom in taking photos and turning them into art, documenting John Coltrane and Muhammad Ali, and capturing sides to them the public didn't see.

Beefy the Skateboarding Dog

Manhattan Sideways 02:16 Community

A skateboarding bulldog charms Central Park with his skateboard skills and his human, Patrick Clemens.

Manhattan Sideways 02:03 Community

An East Village boutique that supplies handmade products and offers a calming and environmentally-friendly ambiance.

Manhattan Sideways 01:28 Community

Relieve stress and get limber at this yoga studio located in Chelsea with yogi Dana Trixie Flynn.

La Mano Pottery

Manhattan Sideways 02:02 Community

Take up a hobby and throw some clay at this pottery studio that offers classes for artisans of all experience levels.

Manhattan Sideways 01:17 Community

Fall under the spell of this magic shop located in Chelsea where illusions become real.

Manhattan Sideways 01:10 Community

Take a stroll down 14th Street in Union Square and take in parks, bars, places of higher learning, cultural centers, public art, fashion, and the everyday people that make up NYC.

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Broadway, Bowery and Park Avenue are some of New York City’s most famous roadways, but you won’t find them on this website. Manhattan Sideways is a project dedicated to chronicling The Big Apple’s side streets and what’s off their beaten paths.

Their goal is to document the city’s grid from 1st Street in the East Village all the way up to Harlem’s 155th. Each non-residential structure is recorded from east to west, and so far they’ve explored everything from Israeli bakeries to cozy bookstores to obscure museums and everything in between. It is the intention of project founder Betsy Polivy to bring attention and, hopefully, business to these diamonds in the rough before the whale of New York real estate swallows them. 

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