Womanity Project
The Womanity Project is a nonprofit multimedia platform producing media content and workshops to shed a light on cultural and gender stereotypes. The Womanity Project is not a one gender platform, it is a movement for all to create and share conversations about identity, human value, connection, and empowerment.

Videos from Womanity Project

Kahshanna Evans

Womanity Project 00:55 Culture

Kahshanna Evans is a PR strategist who shares her thoughts on feminism.

Womanity Project 06:51 Culture

Morin Oluwole shares her story about what it means to be a woman.

Womanity Project 05:07 Culture

Director and actress Lydia Darly shares her views on feminism and her growth as a woman.

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The Womanity Project believes human connection is the starting point of respect and equality. When you feel included, you’re inspired to do your bit, and make your community fairer. This is the Womanity Effect.

On this platform, everyone can celebrate their experiences around gender, race and equality, and also reflect on their hopes and how they become their change. 

The Womanity Project is not a one gender platform, it is a movement for all. All you have to do is become part of the conversation, share your story, reflect on what you can change. And, finally pass the baton, invite others. 

If we can start adding questions to challenge the current ‘gender narrative’ we can create a culture of change.  Instead of “I’m right, you’re wrong”, “I’m stronger, you’re weaker”, “I belong and you don’t”…We can imagine a world in which we say: YES, AND.

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