Girl Rising is an organization aiming to ensure that girls worldwide are educated, empowered, and reach their full potential, by sharing their stories. They believe that storytelling can have an impact and long-term social change.

Videos from Girl Rising

Girl Rising 03:58 Youth

The story of an Ethiopian who escaped an early marriage and teaches girls about their rights.

Priyanka Chopra's Inspiring Message to India

Girl Rising 02:37 Politics and Advocacy

Priyanka Chopra believes in giving all girls the opportunity that they deserve.

Girl Rising 02:26 Youth

Aminatta shares Mariama's story about going to school and later creating a radio show with a round table discussion of social problems in Sierra Leone.

Girl Rising 03:13 Youth

Marie Arana remembers the first time she came across Senna, who lived in the toxic mountains of La Rinconada, Peru.

Girl Rising 02:31 Youth

An author puts a spotlight on Nepal's law that makes slavery practice with kids legal.

Girl Rising 02:31 Youth

A young Haitian girl and her family had to move to a tent camp after a massive earthquake, but the decreased chances of sending her to school did not make her give up.

Girl Rising 02:41 Youth

An adult photographer grows a connection with a young girl living in poverty, and follows her story as she begins her education.

Girl Rising 03:12 Youth

A family breaks the Ethiopian tradition of early arranged marriage to allow Azmera pursue her education.

Girl Rising 02:43 Youth

Mona Eltahawy shares her story of being assaulted in the streets of Egypt by correctional officers.

Girl Rising 02:36 Youth

Girl Rising raises awareness of restrictions females in Afghanistan are bound to; from arranged marriages to honor killings.

Girl Rising 04:13 Youth

Senna's journey began in the mountains, and after being sponsored, her dreams of becoming a business administrator are closer to becoming true.

Girl Rising 01:33 Youth

Girl Rising travels around the world as the youth connects through dancing.

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For many years, Girl Rising shared stories about girls from around the world, and their second-class citizenship in society due to their gender. In 2013, Girl Rising went to the next level, and was recreated as a documentary to raise awareness on gender-based discrimination. 

Education is the best path towards global resolutions. Girl Rising wants to teach you, and now they're available for every classroom with the Girl Rising Curriculum. The free guide features different subject matters - from the arts to advocacy - for all grade levels, pupil profiles, and projects for students, all in efforts to support girls' education.

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