Lower Eastside Girls Club
The Lower Eastside Girls Club (LESGC) gives girls and young women 8-18 pathways to grow, learn, have fun, & develop confidence in themselves and their ability to make a difference in the world. LESGC was founded in 1996 and all Lower East Side residents are eligible to participate.

Videos from Lower Eastside Girls Club

Inspired by Zora

Lower Eastside Girls Club 04:54 Community

A profile of several local artists and entrepreneurs working in the Lower East Side while exploring the influence of writer and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston.

Subway Interviews

Lower Eastside Girls Club 04:38 Youth

Members of the LES Girls Club practice their interviewing skills on the NYC Subway.

Nice to Meet You, Nature

Lower Eastside Girls Club 06:48 Youth

The LES Girls Club gets in touch with nature as they ditch the city for a camping site.

Visiting the New Museum

Lower Eastside Girls Club 05:48 Youth

The LES Girls Club visits the New Museum to talk with their art curator about her role in the institution.

The Artist Known as Fly

Lower Eastside Girls Club 06:20 Youth

The LES Girls Club talks with Fly, an artist who has had encounters with various mishaps.

Lower Eastside Girls Club 02:08 Youth

Mary Adams opens up about her role as a designer in the fashion world.

Valerie Hammond

Lower Eastside Girls Club 02:41 Youth

The LES Girls Club chats with Valeria Hammond about her career as an artist, and the process of how her ideas come to life.

Club Balam Concert

Lower Eastside Girls Club 02:18 Youth

Take a trip to Mexico for a live performance of a traditional Tzotzil Maya song, "Bolomchon."

Lower Eastside Girls Club 02:01 Youth

Peter Arkle talks about adding humor into his artwork, and what it's like to work around a news article.

The Cuchifritos Art Gallery

Lower Eastside Girls Club 02:16 Youth

The LES Girls Club talks with a Cuchifritos Art Gallery volunteer about what it takes to run the non-profit.

Making Electronic Instruments

Lower Eastside Girls Club 01:17 Youth

Harvestworks teaches young girls how to create electronic instruments with boxes and contact microphones.

Lower Eastside Girls Club 01:12 Youth

A live performance by the LES Girls Club's Step Team at "A FLAWSOME Evening."

Cindy Ruskin Interview

Lower Eastside Girls Club 02:53 Youth

Members of the LES Girls Club visit Cindy Ruskin to chat about her career as an artist.

Pebbles and Jon

Lower Eastside Girls Club 02:01 Youth

Two artists express the importance of having public art.

Adventures in Animation

Lower Eastside Girls Club 06:28 Youth

Meet members of the LES Girls Club through short biographical animations.

Lower Eastside Girls Club 04:52 Youth

The LES Girls Club marches in New York City to raise funds for their health and nutrition programs.

100 Year Old Knish Bakery

Lower Eastside Girls Club 02:29 Youth

LES Girls Club visits a 100 year old knish bakery in New York City to chat with the current owner of the family business.

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The Lower East Side Girls Club has been providing a holistic safe space for girls aged 8 to 23 from low-income families since 1996. A community-based organization that offers mentoring in the arts, science, social justice and wellness; the goal of the club is to nurture girls in ways that are often neglected and to break the cycle of local poverty by training the next generation of ethical, entrepreneurial and environmental leaders.

So renowned is the LESGC that is has several celebrity supporters. The world's most famous media mogul, Oprah Winfrey, is a huge philanthropic powers to the institution. In addition, "Rent," "Death Proof" and "Luke Cage" actress Rosario Dawson has also uplifted the cause, and her efforts have helped support opening a branch of the LESGC in Sierra Leone. 

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