Earth Day Network
Earth Day Network serves to fulfill environmental democracy by working with policymakers to ensure the protection of natural areas, fighting climate change, creating educational programs, and inspiring citizens to take action. This work culminates every year on April 22nd as one billion people globally participate in Earth Day activism, striving to grow bigger in the future.

Videos from Earth Day Network

Earth Day Network 03:54 Science

Climate activist Denis Hayes shares some thoughts on the environment.

Earth Day Network 02:41 Science

Former Democratic Representative Rush Holt talks about the importance of the environment and science.

March for Science: Mark Tercek

Earth Day Network 02:13 Science

The CEO of The Nature Conservancy focuses on getting things done for the environment.

March for Science: Julia Olson

Earth Day Network 01:23 Science

The leader of Our Children's Trust, Julia Olson, believes climate change is the greatest threat to children everywhere.

March for Science: Georges Benjamin

Earth Day Network 01:49 Science

Public health official Georges Benjamin talks about the need to protect the environment.

March for Science: James Balog

Earth Day Network 02:09 Science

Nature photographer James Balog is the founder of the Earth Vision Institute, and believes in the role science plays in our health.

March for Science: Derek Muller

Earth Day Network 02:23 Science

Popular science communicator Derek Muller gives a speech about the environment at the March for Science.

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Earth Day is one day every year where people all over the world unite to rally for environmentally-friendly practices. But organizations like Earth Day Network celebrate Earth Day every day by encouraging people to make a difference all year round. You can do your part to ensure the Earth’s health and the wellbeing of all the creatures that live on it.

EDN encourages participants to plant trees, reduce reliance on red meat, fight against toxic pesticides, diminish usage of disposable plastics, or simply spread the word about the work they are doing. Sign up for Earth Day Network’s newsletter to learn about more opportunities to get involved!


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