Celebrating Earth Day!

Current Environmental Issues in NYC



There are more than a few things about our environment that don't look so green: 80% of products made in the United States are used once and then thrown away.  The US produces 33% of the world's solid waste.  New York City alone generates more than 14 million tons of garbage each year.

We'd all like to find ourselves living in a cleaner city and a greener planet, but how much are we actually doing about it?


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Saving Our Environment

To start, there are some things that you can do: everyone can make compost and bring it to your local food scrap collection location or use the brown bins provided by the Organics Collection Program.  We can produce less waste simply by cooking our own meals, using reusable utensils for lunch at work, and going paperless with our utility bills at home.  Finally, you can go for a bike ride instead of taking a car or subway- check out the Tour de Staten Island on April 22nd, organized by Transportation Alternatives.

In honor of the upcoming Earth Day, this week’s special block of programming on NYXT is A Greener Planet.  We’ll feature NYXT Originals like CompostingFood Waste, and Freegans, and we’ll show videos with different people and organizations working to make our planet greener.  Check it out at 10am, 3pm, and 9pm starting Monday April 16th.


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