Wildlife Conservation Society
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) works to conserve millions of square miles around the world, with nearly 500 projects in 65 countries. The WCS operates the Central Park Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, and New York Aquarium.

Videos from Wildlife Conservation Society

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:00 Science

Tyrone’s dream was to work in the Bronx Zoo, and loves the work he does.

African Grey Parrot

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:40 Science

Bronx Zoo staff travel to the Republic of Congo to save African grey parrots and release them into the wild.

Bathysphere and Beyond

Wildlife Conservation Society 08:06 Science

New York Aquarium Director Jon Forrest Dohlin narrates a fascinating journey through the past, present and future, highlighting the Wildlife Conservation Society's efforts to educate and inspire people to care for the world’s oceans and the creatures that inhabit them.

The Life and Death of Elephants

Wildlife Conservation Society 04:20 Science

Narrated by Glenn Close, a short documentary on the intelligent, family-oriented African forest elephants being hunted to extinction for their tusks, and a call to action to boycott ivory.

The Keys to Saving Tigers

Wildlife Conservation Society 02:41 Science

Tiger populations in Asia have diminished by 95%. Sources sites that encourage breeding are attempting to replenish the species through WCS' conservationist efforts.

Wildlife Conservation Society 02:35 Science

The WCS strives to seek sustainable solutions against overfishing, and protect the world's oceans and marine wildlife, as all living creatures depend on their prosperity.

Prospect Park Zoo Piranhas

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:59 Science

Orange- and red-bellied piranhas and their stingray neighbor defy their reputations as they prove to be shy and harmless.

How to Foster a Penguin

Wildlife Conservation Society 02:27 Science

Central Park Zoo animal keepers spend their days feeding and raising penguin chicks to ensure their good health.

Maleos, A Bird Like No Other

Wildlife Conservation Society 04:22 Science

Unusual Indonesian birds fight against extinction at The Bronx Zoo with the help of zookeepers and conservationists.

Life In The Penguin Nursery

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:51 Science

Zookeepers and conservationists bond with penguin chicks who care for them after they are hatched at Central Park Zoo.

Finding Their Way

Wildlife Conservation Society 02:15 Science

Six penguin chicks join Central Park Zoo's colony after conservationists hand-raise them.

Bronx Zoo Gorillas Celebrate With Cupcakes

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:29 Science

Generations of gorillas enjoy sweet treats from zookeepers.

Pacu at New York Aquarium

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:33 Science

Relative to the piranha, this freshwater fish originating from the Amazon loves to dine on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Snow Leopard Cubs at Central Park Zoo

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:09 Science

A leap of baby snow leopards spend the day prowling.

Central Park Zoo Brown Bears

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:16 Science

Pensive bears spend a day of reflecting by the water's edge.

Panda Cubs in Brooklyn

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:29 Science

Rascally red pandas enjoy a day of tree-climbing and show off for their audience at Prospect Park Zoo.

Coati at Central Park Zoo

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:32 Science

Three baby coatis-- relative to the raccoon-- spend their days hunting for food with their long snouts.

Bronx Zoo Gorilla Babies

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:57 Science

An afternoon of bonding between gorilla parents and children.

Amur Tigers Playing Hide and Go Seek at the Bronx Zoo

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:24 Science

Playful and shy tiger cubs have a day of exploratory fun.

Baby Collared Lemur at the Bronx Zoo

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:40 Science

Lemur families play and share affection.

Baby Sifaka Lemur at Bronx Zoo

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:28 Science

An affectionate lemur family spends the day eating and exploring.

Bronx Zoo Bears Wrestle In Snow

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:25 Science

Brown bear snow angels and other hijinks as they make the most of the weather.

Banded Mongoose Pups at Central Park Zoo

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:07 Science

Baby mongoose explore new surroundings with their mothers as zoo-goers look on.

New Tiger Cubs at the Bronx Zoo

Wildlife Conservation Society 01:23 Science

A trio of tiger cubs having family fun.

An Elephant's Tale

Wildlife Conservation Society 02:14 Science

Told from the animal's point of view, a tale of the family-centric similarities between elephants and humans, and the conservation efforts of WCS in saving this endangered species.

3 Cuddly Lion Cubs at the Bronx Zoo

Wildlife Conservation Society 02:07 Science

A lioness and her three cubs have a day of play at the zoo.

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Get Involved

The Wildlife Conservation Society does more than just house and care for animals. They strive to raise money to study the environments in which they inhabit and to protect endangered wildlife and the lands they live on.

Something as simple as signing a petition, raising awareness or donating funds to help fight the extinction of a species can go a long way in helping WCS's continuous fight.

From donating in honor of a loved one to giving the gift of stock, there are numerous ways to help fight for endangered wildlife. 


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