New York Restoration Project
New York Restoration Project is at the heart of innovative urban change in New York City, believing that nature is a fundamental right of every New Yorker, and working to manifest that right by partnering with local communities, public agencies, and the private sector on a daily basis. Their sustained partnership with communities promotes strong social ties and collective action. They aspire to expand their footprint and impact in all five boroughs to make a safer, healthier, and happier city.

Videos from New York Restoration Project

East Harlem's Little Treasure

New York Restoration Project 02:47 Community

Ana Torres is a Puerto Rican immigrant who works on the Rodale Pleasant Park Community Garden in East Harlem.

An Organic Farmer in The Bronx

New York Restoration Project 02:52 Community

Elvia Campos loves the produce from Clinton Avenue's Community Garden.

Bronx and Harlem Parks

New York Restoration Project 00:36 Community

The NYRP works to build parks in Bronx and Harlem.

The Unlocked City

New York Restoration Project 02:28 Community

A tour of NYC's five boroughs, communities, gardens, and parks.

Communal Spaces

New York Restoration Project 03:21 Community

A profile of the Communal Spaces play festival in Brooklyn.

Blooming in the Bronx

New York Restoration Project 02:02 Community

A gardener discusses ornamental growing in The Bronx.

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In the urban jungle that is New York City, we forget that our green spaces are essential too. New York Restoration Project recognizes the positive impact of trees and parks on everyday people in our health and emotional well being. By organizing efforts to combat pollution, conserving parks from decay and creating a more resilient city, constructing community gardens and encouraging tree planting, NYRP encourages communities to make their environment a priority, and the more people who are invested in New York’s nature, the better we can protect it.

There are so many ways to support NYRP’s efforts! By donating or becoming a member, your efforts will support environmental conservation. Get active in your community by attending year round activities in the city’s parks and green spaces. Best of all, you can sign up to be a volunteer and contribute to your neighborhood’s natural health! Get to know like-minded people who care about urban flora and see the impact of your work reflected in our beautiful city.

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