Research has proven that social isolation has devastating effects, but that the power of social connection can be transformative. DOROT serves more than 3,500 older adults each year who are homebound, homeless or need to be connected to their greater community. DOROT's volunteer programs engage more than 6,000 individuals, family and groups to make meaningful connections with our clients.

Videos from DOROT

DOROT 04:28 Community

Tova talks about her European upbringing, and how she made her way to the United States.

DOROT 03:52 Community

Sandra tells the story of how her family ended up in the United States.

The Reinvention of Double A

DOROT 04:17 Community

A man decides to become an actor later in life, finding great success on-screen.

DOROT 03:44 Community

A Czech Holocaust survivor talks about her experiences, and what she hopes people will take away from them.

DOROT 03:38 Community

A Jewish man talks about his Holocaust survivor wife's work in tapestry.

Stories of Friendly Visiting

DOROT 02:01 Community

DOROT volunteers show up for elderly adults to help maintain connections with them.

DOROT 02:23 Community

Lian and Kusum talk about how they spend time together.

DOROT 02:35 Community

Jerry and Al talk about their friendship.

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DOROT is the Hebrew word for “generations." In 1976, DOROT's founders recognized the plight of elderly hidden in their apartments on New York City’s Upper West Side, so they began with regular visits and food deliveries. These young adults forged a loving bond between the generations, fulfilling the name they chose for the organization. 

Today, DOROT proudly serves older adults with a range of solutions to address the complex causes of loneliness and social isolation. The inevitable decline in social circles and mobility challenges all contribute to their vulnerability and increased risk for serious health issues. DOROT's signature programs are designed to bring social connection to older adults – which is critically important, for those who have difficulty leaving their homes without support.

Volunteers are at the heart of DOROT’s programs. They connect with older adults to form friendships, create intergenerational bonds, and provide assistance. DOROT volunteers bring vital services and immeasurable joy to clients. DOROT offers one-time and recurring opportunities for individuals, families, corporations and community groups throughout the year.


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