5 Ways to Impact Your Community as a Volunteer in NYC

With the turn of the calendar comes introspection, goal setting, and looking for ways to get involved in your community. Community involvement provides a sense of purpose and improves the lives of your peers and community members. Let’s take a look at five different ways you can impact your community as a volunteer this year!

1. Mentor Youths Facing Adversity

Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs over 5,000 underserved New York youth with adult mentors annually. When an organization has been around for over 100 years, you know their work is meaningful, well coordinated, and impactful. In New York City alone, there are over 500,000 children living at or below the poverty line. Being a “big” to a child facing significant adversity can help show them the present doesn’t have to be their future.

2. Inspire Creativity and Artistic Expression

Art21 publishes the Art21 Magazine, provides contemporary artists with exposure, educates K-12 teachers, and has the stated mission of “inspiring a more creative world.” If you’re passionate about art and are looking for a way to give back to the community and engage that passion, Art21 could be just what you’re looking for. For all the educators out there, check out their extensive resources for teaching contemporary art.

3. Support Youth Reading Initiatives

There’s a reason people say “children are our future,” They will grow up to lead our city, our country, and our world! The importance of child literacy cannot be understated and both Reading Partners and Literacy Partners provides you with the opportunity to support youth reading initiatives. You can register online and sign up here to get started.

4. Fight for Human Rights

Human Rights Watch intersects with governments entities, media, and local organizations to facilitate change and protect human rights. Although we have come a long way over the last 100 years, there’s no doubt there is more work to be done not just abroad, but also at home. Child labor, imprisonment issues, banning landmines, and much more are all on the Human Rights Watch’s areas of expertise.

5. Prioritize the Environment in 2019

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) protects millions of square miles of nature around the globe. Here in New York City, they are responsible for managing the operations of the Central Park Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, and New York Aquarium. If you love animals, nature, or conservation you can support the WCS directly here.

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