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Literacy Partners supports low-income New York City families by affording parents free educational classes to instill a love of learning for both parent and child, and to give parents the skills to be even better providers.

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The Power of Parents

Literacy Partners 01:30 Education

Having parents to help with reading comprehension helps kids at a young age.

Reading Changes Everything

Literacy Partners 02:20 Education

Numerous New Yorkers cannot read at an eighth grade level, and learning to read better changes everything.

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Education should be accessible to all, but discrimination and unequal school systems prevent many marginalized populations from completion. Illiteracy is more common than we think; 14% of adults can’t read, which leads to less opportunities for children growing up in those households. Forged through social justice movements, Literacy Partners seeks to bridge the gaps left for those denied educational opportunities through free high school equivalency tutoring, as well as classes to increase English reading, writing and language proficiency skills for parents of young children. Parents are children’s earliest role models; emphasis on education in their youth leads to avid learners for the future.

Literacy Partners offers myriad ways to encourage educational engagement for all, and you can get involved in helping their efforts for a more literate world. Donating funds is one of the easiest ways to help their efforts, but you can also donate books for homes in need, building a bond through parent and child through reading. More active spirits can bike or marathon to raise money for students. And nothing beats volunteering, giving you a hands-on approach to promoting literacy. Learn more about how you can get involved today!

Open a Book, Change a Life

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