Union Settlement
Union Settlement provides social services for the vibrant community of East Harlem, a neighborhood that struggles to find basic resources that many in the city take for granted. Through various educational courses, counseling, business development, child- and healthcare services, meal delivery, and opportunities to participate in the arts, Union Settlement equips East Harlem residents with tools for self-sufficiency and instills lifelong confidence.

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Taste of East Harlem

Union Settlement 01:00 Community

The Taste of East Harlem food festival brings joy and delicious food to the community.

Union Settlement 03:15 Community

Jose talks about immigrating from Mexico to New York City and becoming a DREAMer.

Union Settlement 02:37 Community

Yvette opens up about being a single mother of two, and what it took to join the medical field.

Union Settlement 02:12 Community

Roynisha talks about going from a high school drop out to a future college student.

Union Settlement 01:42 Community

Union Settlement encourages Harlem to buy locally to promote economic development within the neighborhood.

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For over 100 years, Union Settlement has provided a resource for NYC’s East Harlem neighborhood. One of the most vibrant and interconnected communities in this big city, El Barrio has been a melting pot for so many cultures and ethnicities, a neighborhood alive with neon-colored murals, salsa music, and a rich and deep heritage.

But it’s a community that has also struggled for equal resources and educational opportunities, counseling and health care services.

Union Settlement serves as the helping hand for many in our communities who are invisibilized: the sick, the poor, the immigrants, the elderly and disabled, who are often ignored when they should have the chance to thrive.

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