Harlem Arts Festival
The Harlem Arts Festival seeks to showcase artists and promote arts enthusiasm in Harlem, and to preserve the legacy of the neighborhood's artistic achievements.

Videos from Harlem Arts Festival

Harlem Arts Festival 02:42 Fine Arts

A visual artist talks about her women-centered graffiti work and the barriers to entering the art world as a Black woman.

Harlem Arts Festival 01:56 Performing Arts

An actor, writer and producer talks identity and separating performance from reality in theatre, as he performs in his one-man show, Last Laugh.

Harlem Arts Festival 02:32 Performing Arts

A choreographer talks dancing with Alvin Ailey and forming her own studio to make dance more accessible.

Harlem Arts Festival 02:30 Performing Arts

A Grammy-winning singer, producer and musician talks working with Ne-Yo and art as self-expression.

Harlem Arts Festival 02:23 Performing Arts

A step team integrates energetic spoken word and rhythmic movement to engage with their audience.

Brandee Younger

Harlem Arts Festival 02:57 Performing Arts

A jazz harpist talks about being introduced to music through her church, and the influence of other harp players like Alice Coltrane, Dorothy Ashby, Casper Reardon and Daphne Hellman.

Harlem Arts Festival 02:18 Performing Arts

A creator uses her family history in her art, and brings lost stories to life by incorporating found objects in her work and giving them value.

Billy Dean Thomas

Harlem Arts Festival 02:02 Performing Arts

A Harlem musician, hiphop and spoken word artist talks reinvention, striving to be a better person, and performing on the same stage as Nina Simone and Stevie Wonder.

Harlem Arts Festival 01:55 Performing Arts

A dancer and choreographer talks about how movement was a way to break out of her shell and express herself, and the value of self-care.

Harlem Arts Festival 02:33 Performing Arts

The first cultural ambassador for hiphop talks about how the genre was born from an amalgamation of rock and jazz.

Harlem Arts Festival 01:46 Performing Arts

A former touring bassist for Beyonce and singer-songwriter talks finding inspiration in poet/activist June Jordan, and encouraging women and girls to find their voices and express themselves.

Harlem Arts Festival 01:51 Performing Arts

A professor at Berklee College of Music performs as a hiphop artist and DJ, and talks about leaving his legacy through music.

Zulu King Slone

Harlem Arts Festival 01:50 Performing Arts

A street artist talks being inducted into the Graffiti Hall of Fame, being honored Afrika Bambaataa, and working as the creative director for the Zulu Nation.

Harlem Arts Festival 02:17 Performing Arts

A singer-songwriter from Arizona talks finding inspiration in Fiona Apple and Lauryn Hill and staying true to her music.

Harlem Arts Festival 02:14 Performing Arts

A Queens muralist integrates protest with art, creating socially-conscious graffiti imagery to inspire her audience to express themselves.

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What does it take to be a part of Harlem’s Arts Festival? Every year, artists are given the opportunity to apply for a chance to participate in the Harlem Arts Festival. HAF’s Artist Selection Committee selects each artist through an application process. 

Want to get involved in Harlem Arts Festival? An event as big as HAF needs multiple helping hands. Every year, volunteer opportunities are offered for the festival. Whether you are good with technology, medical response, or a professional greeter, the volunteer opportunities are endless with HAF. Busy on the day of the festival? You can also contribute to HAF through one-time or monthly donations, to keep the arts alive in Harlem. 

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