A Work of Art: Harlem Perspectives

You don't need to visit the Guggenheim, The Metropolitan Museum or the MoMA to experience great artwork in New York City. “Harlem Perspectives” at Faction Art Projects gallery in Harlem highlights some of the neighborhood’s best innovators who are making art more accessible for their community. Harlem-based art is taking the world by storm, but all you need is a Metrocard and a leisurely afternoon to get your art fix via some of the city’s burgeoning creators. Faction Art Projects curated this exhibit by examining the commonalities and differences between each artists’ works, driven by what conversations the juxtaposed oeuvres would inspire from its audience. By shaping this exhibition based on the artworks’ variations, it emphasizes how these works represent a microcosm for New York’s communities.


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What is Harlem Perspectives?

Harlem Perspectives represents the works of photographers, multimedia artists, sculptors, painters, print makers and more, and a common thread throughout their works is evoking a sense of dramatic and unconventional storytelling.


Visiting Harlem Perspectives

Visit the gallery at the center of artistic expression at 2602 Fredrick Douglass Boulevard featuring Lina Puerta, Stanley Squirewell, Jaime Permuth, Leeza Meksin, Renee Cox, Elizabeth Colomba, Virginia, Ines Vergara, David Shrobe, Pepe Coronado and Elaine Reichek from now until May 13th, 2018. Experience more of Harlem’s hidden gems with Harlem One Stop.


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