New York Botanical Garden
The New York Botanical Garden is an advocate for the plant kingdom. The Garden pursues its mission through its role as a museum of living plant collections arranged in gardens and landscapes across its National Historic Landmark site; through its comprehensive education programs in horticulture and plant science; and through the wide-ranging research programs of the International Plant Science Center.

Videos from New York Botanical Garden

Backyard Botany: Magnolia

New York Botanical Garden 01:44 Science

Examining some of the daffodils at the New York Botanical Garden.

Backyard Botany: Forsythia

New York Botanical Garden 01:22 Science

Dr. Lawrence Kelly takes a close look at the flowers of a forsythia.

Backyard Botany: Daffodil

New York Botanical Garden 02:17 Community

A close examination of daffodils in the New York Botanical Garden's grounds.

Backyard Botany: Pears

New York Botanical Garden 01:58 Science

Dr. Lawrence Kelly looks at a small pear plant at the NYBG.

Backyard Botany: Cherry Trees

New York Botanical Garden 02:01 Science

A close examination of cherry blossoms in the New York Botanical Garden's grounds.

Backyard Botany: Bleeding Heart

New York Botanical Garden 03:27 Science

Dr. Lawrence Kelly examines the bleeding heart plant at the NYBG.

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During the 129 years since its founding, NYBG has carefully stewarded a stunning urban oasis, created one of the world’s most comprehensive plant research and conservation programs, amassed unrivaled research collections, and, as a living museum, taught millions of visitors of all ages to love and respect the plants of the world.
The New York Botanical Garden is committed to preserving and protecting the planet’s biodiversity and natural resources and enhancing human well-being by educating, training, and empowering the next generation of Earth’s caregivers—in partnership with both local and global communities.


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