Prospect Park Alliance
Prospect Park Alliance sustains, restores and advances Prospect Park to benefit the diverse communities that call Brooklyn home. The Alliance employs a professional staff of horticulturalists, maintenance workers, arborists, ecologists, educators, volunteer coordinators, visitor services representatives and more who ensure the day-to-day operation of Prospect Park.

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Natural Resources Crew

Prospect Park Alliance 02:36 Community

A team of people work to keep Prospect Park beautiful and welcoming.

History of the Alliance

Prospect Park Alliance 02:56 Community

A video about the history Prospect Park and how the alliance came to exist.

Woodlands Youth Crew

Prospect Park Alliance 02:32 Community

A team of young people work together to improve and maintain Prospect Park.

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Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in the mid-19th century, Prospect Park is Brooklyn’s flagship park, welcoming more than 10 million visits each year.

Prospect Park Alliance is the non-profit organization that sustains "Brooklyn's Backyard," working in partnership with the City of New York. The Alliance was founded in 1987 to help restore the Park after a long period of deterioration and decline. Today, the Alliance provides critical staff and resources that keep the Park green and vibrant for the diverse communities that call Brooklyn home. The Alliance cares for the woodlands and natural areas, restores the Park's buildings and landscapes, creates innovative Park destinations, and provides free or low-cost volunteer, education and recreation programs. 

Today, Prospect Park is an international model for the care of urban parks, and one of the premier green spaces in the United States.

Interested in dedicating your time to help keep Prospect Park green and vibrant? Prospect Park Alliance offers a range of volunteer opportunities for individuals, groups, and youth and families; from April through November.


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