National Kidney Foundation
The National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is the USA's leading organization dedicated to the awareness, prevention, and treatment of kidney disease. Kidney disease can be detected from a simple test. 73 million Americans are currently at risk for kidney disease. 26 million Americans currently have it.

Videos from National Kidney Foundation

How Kidney Failure Affects Your Body

National Kidney Foundation 09:26 Health

A guide to understanding what having kidney failure does to your body.

Peritoneal Dialysis

National Kidney Foundation 09:08 Health

A guide to peritoneal dialysis, and the story of one patient who is using it to improve their standard of living.

What Is Kidney Failure?

National Kidney Foundation 07:08 Health

The NKF explains what kidney failure is, and what treatments you might consider if you're suffering from it.

Kidney Transplantation

National Kidney Foundation 11:36 Health

Learn about kidney transplantation, and stories of patients who are living well after having the procedure.

Summer Foods with Sodium Girl

National Kidney Foundation 06:44 Health

Food writer Jessica Goldman Foung fights kidney failure with healthy, low-sodium eating and cooking. Watch her barbecue recipes for quinoa burgers with curry ketchup, spice-rubbed corn and fruit coleslaw.

National Kidney Foundation 03:41 Health

NKF's Kidney Walks raise funds for research and awareness of kidney disease's effects. 26 million Americans currently suffer and over 70 million are at risk for heart and kidney disease.

Roast Turkey with Fresh Sage with Sodium Girl

National Kidney Foundation 01:53 Health

Food writer Jessica Goldman Foung cooks up a quick, tasty, low-sodium holiday recipe for roasted turkey.

Mushroom Gravy with Sodium Girl

National Kidney Foundation 01:46 Health

Food writer Jessica Goldman Foung cooks up a quick, tasty low-sodium recipe for mushroom gravy over green beans.

Get Yourself Tested

National Kidney Foundation 02:36 Health

NKF mascot Sidney the Kidney encourages you to eat healthier, learn the risk factors, and get tested for kidney disease in this music video.

Dialysis Saves Lives

National Kidney Foundation 06:25 Health

The stories of everyday people suffering from kidney disease, including an actor from "30 Rock" and an award-winning mariachi guitarist, whose lives have been saved by dialysis treatments.

Cauliflower No Mash Potatoes with Sodium Girl

National Kidney Foundation 01:58 Health

Substitute high-potassium mashed potatoes with garlicky puréed cauliflower in this easy, healthy recipe.

A Kidneys Work is Never Done

National Kidney Foundation 01:54 Health

NKF mascot Sidney the Kidney visits Grand Central Station to encourage commuters to protect their kidneys with good eating habits, and emphasizes the importance of kidneys to the body's well-being.

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People of color are disproportionately affected by kidney disease compared to their white counterparts, with African-Americans at the highest risk of diagnosis. Some attribute this to differences in socio-economical conditions. Because of elevated rates of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes-- both conditions which are devastating to the renal organ-- kidney disease has reached near epidemic proportions.

It is imperative to get tested frequently for kidney disease as, oftentimes, symptoms don’t become apparent until conditions have considerably worsened. When symptoms do occur, patients commonly suffer from nausea and vomiting, fatigue, changes in urine, hypertension, troubled sleeping, chest pains and shortness of breath.

Those with family histories of the disease should also take caution. The National Kidney Foundation advocates cutting risks for the disease by following a healthy lifestyle with adequate nutrition and exercise. 

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