healtheo360 is a "Caring Community" where patients living with chronic conditions, such as Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer's, and many others come to find support, encouragement, and information.  The healtheo360 community includes patients, their caregivers, family members and friends who come to share their personal healing stories so that others may find inspiration and motivation as they go through the journey of living with their condition.  

Videos from healtheo360

Talking About Cancer

healtheo360 01:19 Health

Yoga instructor Yulady Saluti discusses her cancer diagnosis.

I Felt Something Was Wrong

healtheo360 01:23 Health

Yoga instructor, Yulady Saluti, describes discovering a lump on her breast before being diagnosed.

Lifestyle Changes

healtheo360 01:47 Health

A woman living with breast cancer talks about the lifestyle and diet changes she had to make after being diagnosed.

Revealing the Diagnosis

healtheo360 02:44 Health

Lori and her husband open up about what it was like to share with others about the stage 4 breast cancer diagnostic.

Tips For The Newly Diagnosed

healtheo360 01:22 Health

Lori Renowski gives advice to people recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Receiving The Diagnosis

healtheo360 02:24 Health

A woman living with breast cancer remembers the day she was diagnosed and how she broke the news to her immediate family.

Symptoms and Family History

healtheo360 01:50 Health

A woman living with breast cancer talks about why she finally decided it was time to get checked.

Living With Breast Cancer

healtheo360 01:31 Health

Lori Renowski talks about brushing off her symptoms to later discover they were all signs of breast cancer.

Communicating to Family and Friends

healtheo360 03:37 Health

Vito Cosmo shares what it was like to break the news to his family and friends about being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

Colleague Reactions

healtheo360 01:47 Health

Vito Cosmo talks about what it was like telling his colleagues about his recent diagnostic and how he uses humor to share the news.

Warning Signs of Parkinsons

healtheo360 04:45 Health

Vito Cosmo seeks to raise awareness on the Parkinson's Disease symptoms most people show.

Medications and Supplements

healtheo360 02:48 Health

Vito Cosmo talks about the side effects of certain traditional medications and shares what supplements he consumes to lower his Parkinson's symptoms.

Colon Cancer Diagnosis

healtheo360 01:34 Health

A three-time cancer survivor talks about the limitations on medical networks in the 1990's and how it stalled his diagnostic testing.

Symptoms and Misdiagnosis

healtheo360 01:34 Health

David Dubin lists the common symptoms and misdiagnosis people younger than 50 get when getting checked for colon cancer.

Surviving Cancer Three Times

healtheo360 01:19 Health

David Dubin talks about being misdiagnosed and later finding out about the colon cancer genetics in his family.

Reaction to Diagnosis

healtheo360 02:30 Health

Vito Cosmo and his wife remember the day the diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease was made official.

Newly Diagnosed

healtheo360 02:34 Health

Vito Cosmo opens up about being misdiagnosed for several years, and later going to a specialist to find out he had Parkinson's Disease.

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Receiving a diagnosis and managing symptoms can be overwhelming and can sometimes make a person feel isolated. healtheo360 doesn't want anyone to feel alone in their illness or caretaker role, which is why they created an online platform for members to connect with other people who have similar struggles.

healtho360 encourages people to upload their story via video or make a journal entry.  healtheo360 believes in the healing power of storytelling and how beneficial it is to share stories as well as to learn from other people with similar experiences.  

The healtheo360 platform makes it easy for users to search for stories by medical condition so they can find the most relevant stories fast.  In addition to posts by members, team healtheo360 often shares advice videos about topics like weight loss, heart health, stress management and more.

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