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Orbis aims to transform lives through quality eye healthcare so that no one is needlessly blind or visually impaired. Through training, research and advocacy, Orbis works to strengthen local eye care institutions, train eye care professionals and advocate for policies to increase awareness about the importance of quality eye health.

Videos from Orbis International

Dr. Maria Papadapoulos

Orbis International 03:39 Health

Dr. Maria Papadapoulos teams up with local ophthalmologists in South America to tackle glaucoma in the youth population.

Nikhil Finds His Voice

Orbis International 02:33 Health

A young boy living in Nepal receives proper treatment to restore his eyesight.

A Cornea Transplant for Julissa in El Salvador

Orbis International 02:23 Health

A young girl from El Salvador receives a life changing cornea transplant a day before her 13th birthday.

Orbis International 01:18 Health

An African woman suffering from trachoma gets a life changing surgery, where she will no longer need the care and guidance of others.

Orbis International 01:09 Health

Learn about strabismus and how it can be cured to improve one's quality of life.

Retinopathy of Prematurity

Orbis International 01:11 Health

Orbis teachers Vietnamese ophthalmologists about retinopathy of prematurity, and how to prevent it.

Orbis International 01:09 Health

Learn about glaucoma and its affects, through the story of a five year old boy in Vietnam who nearly lost his vision.

Orbis International 01:29 Health

Learn how cataracts can affect youths' quality of life, and how it is an obstacle to get treated in third world countries.

Capacity Building in Peru

Orbis International 03:35 Health

Dr. Daniel Neely visits Peru with Orbis to help increase the local pediatric ophthalmology services.

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Orbis International couldn’t deliver the gift of sight to those around the world most in need without the help of its extraordinary volunteer ophthalmologists.

Doctors from across the globe comprise of Orbis’ experienced Volunteer Faculty, who provide education, training, hands-on demonstrations, and best of all, guidance, and attempt to make up for the lack of eye doctors in remote areas. Orbis has also created a “tele-ophthalmological initiative,” Cybersight, an online community for medical professionals to learn and share from each other.

The mission of Orbis’ professionals is not only for medical specialists to possess maximum dexterity, but ensuring “adaptability and cultural sensitivity” to its patients.

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