Get to Know These 4 Asian Culture Organizations in NYC

Over the past 50-years, Asian Americans have written laws that guaranteed gender equality in education1, fought and beat a legal system that refused Indian-American’s citizenship, discovered how to cool the atom2, and have won gold medals for the United States at the Olympics. Their achievements have led to improved political representation for minority groups and have grown America’s presence in the arts, science, and athletics on the world stage, but many of those improvements are at risk.

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In an increasingly racialized America, Asian Americans face an uphill battle in the fight for equality. Some groups, like Sikh-Americans, are 5-times as likely to be targets of white violence than they were before 20013. Global economic stability and Asian American businesses have been threatened by a recent trade war between the White House and its East Asian partners. And with William Barr’s recent decision to detain asylum seekers4, many of whom are from vulnerable minority groups in Asia, the pathway to freedom and safety that previously existed for over 18,564 asylum-seekers between 2014 and 2016 will be shut5.

While America and Asia pull apart at the global level, New Yorkers from all racial backgrounds have the opportunity to promote mutual understanding between both groups within the Five Boroughs. Discover how Asian Americans have fought for racial and gender equality, celebrate their art, food, and achievements, and participate in discussions on identity and culture with these four Asian American organizations in NYC.

Promote Cultural Appreciation and Understanding with These 4 Asian Culture Organizations in NYC

1. Asia Society

The Asia Society, an educational organization and art museum located on the Upper East side has been actively promoting understanding between Asia and the United States since 1956. The organizations’ initiatives range from the arts and education to policy and sustainability. Those who visit the museum can view exhibits from the Asia Society’s Creative Voices of Muslim Asia, which uses the arts to help people understand the complexity of the cultures included in the Muslim world.

Other opportunities at The Asia Society include professional development services for educators and administrators, young leadership initiatives, conferences, networking events, and curated panel discussions.

Join The Asia Society and Promote Mutual Understanding Between Asia and the U.S.


2. The Korea Society

The Korea Society promotes awareness, understanding, and cooperation between the United States and Korea. Located in Midtown Manhattan, the organization hosts art exhibitions, educational programs, policy talks, and special events that cover Korean history and culture from Korean Confucianism to K-Pop.

As South Korea’s cultural and economic influence continues to grow and North Korea positions itself as a nuclear power, the Korean peninsula will continue to make waves on the world stage. Visit the Korea Society for discussions on Korean politics and development, language classes, art exhibits, and help promote greater understanding between Korea and the U.S.

Join The Korea Society to Promote Mutual Understanding Between Korea and the U.S.


3. The Rubin Museum of Art

Located in Chelsea, The Rubin Museum of Art inspires personal connections to the cultures of the Himalayas, India, and Tibet. Drawing from diverse cultural perspectives, the museum will explore pathways to power through art, discussion, and religion in 2019. Admission is free every Friday night from 6:00 to 10:00 PM and museum-goers can enjoy guided tours and other special events.

Explore the Museums Upcoming Events and Exhibitions



From the art of Bonsai, to Japanese cooking, to Nihon Buyo dancing, RESOBOX provides a space where New Yorker’s can discuss, learn about, and celebrate Japanese art. With locations in the East Village, Chelsea, and Queens there is ample opportunity to sign-up for those interested in Japanese culture to expand their knowledge.

RESOBOX offers ten different classes at their three locations every week as well as art exhibitions, special events, and food workshops.

Celebrate Japanese Culture with RESOBOX



By engaging with the art exhibits, cultural discussions, and events hosted by these Asian American organizations in NYC, New Yorkers of all backgrounds can help promote greater appreciation and understanding between diverse cultural groups at the local level. For more information on how you can make a difference in your community, subscribe to the NYXT newsletter for upcoming volunteer opportunities and events.


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