As a Japanese cultural center, RESOBOX welcomes its doors to Manhattan's and Queens' diverse populations with its art exhibitions, classes, events and more that center Japan's artistic influence. Taking its name from a portmanteau of the words "resonate" and "box," RESOBOX is a space for artists to collaborate and innovate.

Videos from RESOBOX

Manhattan Skylight

RESOBOX 01:40 Culture

Mayuko Okada walks through her art exhibit at RESOBOX.

Interview with Shoko Kazama

RESOBOX 05:03 Fine Arts

Renowned Japanese calligrapher Shoko Kazama discusses her exhibit at RESOBOX and the meaning of her pieces.

RESOBOX 01:23 Culture

A display of RESOBOX's eclectic chopstick rests.

Live Jazz and Painting

RESOBOX 05:07 Culture

A jazz composer and painter take us on a journey through the four seasons.

Nel Drip Coffee

RESOBOX 01:01 Culture

A quick story of how Japanese coffee is traditionally made.

Komodaru Furniture

RESOBOX 02:02 Culture

The opening of a RESOBOX exhibit emphasizing new takes on traditional Japanese architecture.

RESOBOX 01:23 Culture

Gamno are Japanese tofu nuggets offered at a local vegan street fair.

RESOBOX 01:57 Culture

A butoh performance - a controversial Japanese dance form - interpreting the story of the demon king Shuten-doji.

RESOBOX 02:40 Culture

Peelander-Yellow painted an original piece on the walls of RESOBOX, from start to finish, in this video from 2015.

How to Cook Japanese Dumplings

RESOBOX 01:38 Culture

Mitsuru Kita introduces gyoza, Japanese-style fried dumplings. They are filled with chopped meat and vegetables and sealed in thin sheets of dough.

Far East Near East

RESOBOX 01:57 Culture

Ken Hamazaki performs a modern and exciting tea ceremony. Afterwards, Fighting in the Streets performs a high-energy set of some favorite video game classics.

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RESOBOX is a place where people who are conversant with, dedicated to, and influenced by Japanese arts can gather, create innovative arts through the collaborative process and disseminate them to the world.

Have you ever been interested in ancient practices or simply intrigued by the Japanese culture? RESOBOX makes it easy for any beginner to expand their knowledge on things from the art of Bonsai to authentic Japanese cooking to Nihon Buyo dancing. Ten different classes are offered every week at all three locations.

Put your creative skills to the test and sign up for a class!

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