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The Asia Society is an educational organization and museum that promotes understanding among the people and cultures of Asia and the United States. They are active in the fields of arts, business, culture, education, and politics.

Videos from Asia Society

Jose Antonio Vargas

Asia Society 03:52 Culture

The Filipino Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and founder of Define American talks about Asian immigrants, humanizing the undocumented, and the difficulties in the process of becoming a citizen.

The Forbidden Game

Asia Society 05:05 Culture

Author Dan Washburn talks about how building golf courses is banned in China because of their elitist origins, as they stand in stark contrast with peasant villages emphasizing haves and have-nots.

Five Monks, Five Days, One Sand Mandala

Asia Society 03:15 Culture

Monks from the Drigung Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism construct colorful, traditional mandalas for the Society's museum.

Nemico Della Patria

Asia Society 05:34 Culture

Yunpeng Weng performs the Italian opera song, which translates to "Enemy of the Fatherland," with a piano accompaniment.

Don't Mess With North Korea

Asia Society 02:01 Culture

A panel discusses how the United States should take China's lead in not provoking North Korea, unlike its choice to provoke Putin and Russia, lest we risk cyber warfare jeopardizing our economy.

Takahiro Iwasaki at Work

Asia Society 02:00 Culture

Artist Iwasaki sets up his exhibit at Asia Society's museum as he constructs landscapes made of cloth and string.

How to Make A Leotini

Asia Society 01:53 Culture

Have a drink on Asia Society with their recipe for their signature leotini cocktail made up of vodka, lychee juice and triple sec. Shaken, not stirred!

Asia Society 05:15 Culture

The author of "The Descartes Highlands" talks being a journalist in the colonized Philippines because he wanted to unveil the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and write about sociopolitical systems.

Asia Society 02:37 Culture

Subha Barry of SV Barry Consulting Group discusses the benefits of conducting the Asian-Pacific Americans Corporate Survey talks about how data brings communities together in a professional context and how it serves APA's needs in the workplace.

Dan Rather on China

Asia Society 03:42 Culture

The journalist discusses India's and China's rise to economic superpowers, and how reporters should leave expectations behind in covering international news.

Dan Rather on India and Vietnam

Asia Society 04:31 Culture

Rather flashbacks to 1965, recounting his coverage of the India-Pakistan War and the Vietnam War, witnessing conflict firsthand, and how India changed him as a man and reporter.

Dan Rather on Changes in Reporting

Asia Society 02:28 Culture

Rather recalls how China had opened itself up to become more accessible for reporters internationally, and the censorship that continues to exist there.

Dan Rather on His Biggest Story in Asia

Asia Society 03:09 Culture

The stalwart reporter discusses covering Tiananmen Square in China and the profound effect of witnessing democracy.

Dan Rather on International News

Asia Society 05:29 Culture

The CBS News veteran talks about how difficult it was to cover Asian news in decades past, and how the media and journalism suffers today because of corporate influence.

Dan Rather on Education

Asia Society 03:57 Culture

Journalist Dan Rather laments how the American educational system is far behind the rest of the developing world's as there is a lack of global perspective, and how this can lead to economic consequences.

Damian Woetzel and Yo-Yo Ma

Asia Society 04:45 Culture

From the US-China Forum on the Arts and Culture, a performance from cellist Yo-Yo Ma as Damian Woetzel dances to "Sonata for Cello."

Asia Society 06:22 Culture

Filmmaker David Breshears talks witnessing melting glaciers in the Himalayas and fighting pollution in China.

Chinese Voices in Western Opera

Asia Society 04:11 Culture

Singer and dancer Yangbing Zhang talks performing Chinese propaganda, being invited to train as an opera singer at Central Conservatory of Music, and the fanaticism over a visit from tenor Luciano Pavarotti.

China's Coal Districts

Asia Society 03:09 Culture

A panel discusses fossil fuel usage and its correlation with climate change, and reducing air pollution in China that affects health.

Chef Pichet Ong

Asia Society 03:18 Culture

A profile of Qi Restaurant featuring pastry chef Pichet Ong who fuses his Chinese heritage with his upbringing in Thailand in his food.

Arianna Huffington

Asia Society 03:04 Culture

The Huffington Post founder talks infusing the news with humanity, steering away from empty clickbait, the war in Iraq, and her love for the poet Rumi.

DJ Spooky and Jonah Bokaer

Asia Society 02:46 Culture

Scenes from the gala opening of Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot, featuring visual artist-choreographer Jonah Bokaer and the electronic music of DJ Spooky.

19th Century Bronze Bell

Asia Society 04:37 Culture

Discussing a religious artifact from Myanmar containing revered symbols such as the lion, an emblem of Buddhism, and lotus petal leaves, symbols of transcendentalism.

Lin Tianmiao's Progression

Asia Society 06:13 Culture

Featuring the Chinese artist's "Bound Unbound" exhibit that explores gender and humans' relationships to their bodies.

Chinese in NY Public Schools

Asia Society 06:09 Culture

A profile of Fresh Meadow School and East-West School of International Studies in Queens as public school students learn Mandarin, and experts discuss the benefits of being bilingual.

Asia Society 03:25 Culture

The former Secretary-General of the United Nations gives a speech urging against supporting human rights violators, calling for an arms embargo for Syria and denouncing ISIS.

Asia Society 07:05 Culture

An Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative Mentor and director of PeaceNiche talks creating a nurturing network and space for emerging creative talent in Pakistan.

Asia Society 03:36 Culture

An Iranian artist who immigrated to America talks about the influence of Persian miniature paintings, war and politics has had on her work.

Come to Terms With History

Asia Society 04:19 Culture

A panel discusses accusations from Europe that Asia has not faced their past warfares, and how this relates to a peaceful future.

The Collective Unconscious

Asia Society 03:02 Culture

Reconciling nostalgia, fantasy and reality and how it affects our media and perceptions of other countries.

A Musical Dialogue

Asia Society 05:09 Culture

Meryl Streep visits the US-China Forum on the Arts and Culture for a music and dance performance of "Ascending Bird" featuring cellist Yo-Yo Ma, Wu Tong, Brooklyn Rider and dancer Charles "Lil Buck" Riley.

Saad Mohseni on US Cable News

Asia Society 02:00 Culture

An Afghan media mogul and CEO of MOBY Group insists that American mainstream media needs to become more objective and less like tabloid entertainment.

Asia Society 06:42 Culture

Dane Chamorro talks about the difficulties in doing business in Myanmar as its government is in transition, violent religious conflicts-- including the Rohingya genocide-- spread, and human capital and infrastructure is limited.

2014 Serious Time for Serious Reporting

Asia Society 05:03 Culture

Wall Street Journal reporter Preetika Rana talks about her story on violence against women in India and Reuters reporter Jason Szep talks discovering the story of the Rohingya refugee crisis.

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Mainstream media outlets don’t always cover the most pressing issues or tell the full story. The Asia Society’s Center of U.S.-China Relations recognizes this and has created an online publication called Chinafile to inform people around the world about the latest news in Chinese politics, business, healthcare and more. In addition to the articles written by accomplished journalists and scholars, site visitors can engage in a complete multimedia experience by watching videos, viewing photo galleries, and listening to podcasts. The ultimate goal of Chinafile is to provide the audience with a complete and unbiased look into the the latest news in China.

Since 9/11, people tend to lump all Muslims together under one negative stereotype. As a result, citizens walk around with unjustifiable hatred and fear towards Islam and the people who practice the religion. In an effort to combat this prejudice and ignorance, the Asia Society put together the “Creative Voices of Muslim Asia” initiative. This project gives Muslim artists the chance to tell their stories and share the truth about their religion and culture through art, music, dance and more. It’s time to gain a fresh perspective on Islam and the Muslim community.

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