Opportunity Agenda
The Opportunity Agenda works towards social justice by connecting leaders and creating change through policy. The organization provides training and resources to give tomorrow's leaders the ability to shape the global conversation.

Videos from Opportunity Agenda

The Power of POP

Opportunity Agenda 01:20 Politics and Advocacy

Opportunity Agenda seeks to raise awareness on the negative stereotypes that currently "represent" minorities on tv shows.

The Communications Institute

Opportunity Agenda 03:30 Politics and Advocacy

Opportunity Agenda members break down the "The Communications Institute" and the benefits of joining.

Helvetika Bold's Racism Decoder Ring

Opportunity Agenda 01:27 Politics and Advocacy

Helvetika Bold teaches a young girl the functions of the "racism decoder ring."

Helvetika Bold Vs. The Mindset

Opportunity Agenda 01:49 Politics and Advocacy

Helvetika Bold battles The Mindset in the streets of NYC in order to give people equality.

Helvetika Bold On The Street

Opportunity Agenda 01:15 Politics and Advocacy

Helvetika Bold roams the streets of NYC to ask people what their superpowers are and how they can change the world.

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Opportunity Agenda keeps the community’s spirit alive by creating special projects that build long-term capacity on critical issues. Aside from hosting educational events for the community, OA also creates these special projects that are focused on underserved groups that do not have as many opportunities as others.

Opportunity Agenda strongly believes in equality for everyone, and in their archive, you can explore different issues they have tackled, including opportunities for males of color, LGBTQ, and reproductive justice.

Also, Opportunity Agenda offers webinars, training/workshops, and public events. In these events, you will undergo communication trainings to build on your skills, and gain resources for the social justice community. 

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