Movement Research
Movement Research at the Judson Church, which began 1991, is a creative laboratory and incubator for investigations in performance for artists at various stages of their creative development.

Videos from Movement Research

Movement Research 04:04 Performing Arts

Excerpts of a work in progress, 900 Bees Are HummingCreated and performed by K.J. Holmes.
Recorded music by cellist, Juan Ignacio FerrerasK.J.
K.J. Holmes is a dance artist who lives in Brooklyn NY. Juan Ignacio Ferreras is a cellist who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Movement Research 04:00 Performing Arts

Choreography & Music by: Jin Young Choi
Performed by Seong Eun Park, Jin Young Choi
Funded by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture | Seoul Dance Center. The project began with research on common elements of Korean dance and hip-hop dance.

2020 MRX/Korea Artist-in-Residence. In partnership with Seoul Dance Center, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.

Movement Research 03:25 Performing Arts

Director: Erik Thurmond
Collaborators: Aminah Ibrahim, C.J. Jaeger, Claire Molla, David Kaplan, Ella Rose Dawn Wasserman-Smith, Emma Fitzsimmons, Emily Ruiz, Honey Jernquist, Iris McCloughan, Liam Mclaughlin, Mariusz Kujawski, Matin Zad, Melissa Word, Tara Hemmer, Tiago Valente, Tim Craig, Vanessa Walters, and Vyczie Dorado

Bodies on the Brink

Movement Research 04:00 Performing Arts

Sculptures, Direction, Choreography: Ximena Garnica & Shige Moriya
LEIMAY Ensemble Performers: Krystel Copper, Derek DiMartini, Mario Galeano, Andrea Jones

Movement Research 04:02 Performing Arts

Choreographer and performer: Ogemdi Ude
In collaboration with: Selah Hampton
Music: "Slow Motion" by Juvenile and Soulja Slim

Una Mirada Desde La Alcantarilla

Movement Research 04:01 Performing Arts

Choreography, performance, music and costume: Inés Terra

Movement Research 04:05 Performing Arts

Solo improvisation performed by David Zambrano
Music by Yva Las Vegass

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Movement Research accomplishes its mission through a range of programs that annually serve its program participants, including artists, students, and audience members. Ongoing classes and workshops are taught by artist educators and innovators; creative residencies are offered for choreographers and movement-based artists; semi-annual festivals bring together leaders in the field; and publications and public events provide artists with forums for discourse on a broad range of issues.

Movement Research’s programs are served by an infrastructure that is ready to adapt and respond to artists’ needs; a dynamic, interactive home base for experimentation and the development of new work; a creative community hub for critical dialogue; and a launch point for artist-driven initiatives. They invite artist participation throughout the organization, helping to build leadership in dance and culture and ensuring that Movement Research maintains an ongoing connection with the perspectives of artists in its community. 

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