The LGBT Center is a welcoming community that empowers people to live happier and healthier lives.

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Rosa's Center Story

LGBT Center 00:51 Community

Rosa shares how she put graduate school on hold for 25 years in order to keep pursuing the career of her dreams.

Rich's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:17 Community

Rich believes activism has no age, and encourages everyone to speak out, no matter the experience.

Paul's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:00 Community

Paul struggled with rejection due to his upbringing in a Roman Catholic family, but soon confided in the LGBT Center.

Nicole's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:08 Community

Nicole talks about the transformations she's seen the LGBT Center undergo in the past 15 years, and what she hopes the most recent makeover will bring.

Megan's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:11 Community

Megan talks about taking advantage of the programs offered at the LGBT Center that she helped coordinate prior to having her first child with her partner.

Levi's Center Story

LGBT Center 00:52 Community

Levi shares the perks of being able to communicate with others as he navigates through the LGBT Center.

Kate's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:02 Community

Kate sends some advice to other professional Lesbian women on the possibilities of loving a career.

Jess's Center Story

LGBT Center 00:52 Community

Jess remembers the day Defense of Marriage Act was declared unconstitutional.

Andrea's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:15 Community

A member of Center Youth shares how the camp helped her come out to her parents.

Alvin's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:15 Community

The Center Youth Program Assistant talks about the highlights of working at the LGBT Center.

Jeff's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:03 Community

Jeff expresses the strong satisfaction that comes with working at the LGBT Center.

Howard's Center Story

LGBT Center 00:53 Community

Howard goes 20 years back to the first day he met the previous Second Tuesday Lecture Series Curator, and how his advice sculpted him to be the man he is today.

Heather's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:19 Community

Heather explains the values of the LGBT Center.

Glennda's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:02 Community

Glennda breaks down what her title as Executive Director is at the LGBT Center.

Cristina's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:09 Community

Cristina talks about the drastic changes of living in Los Angeles to moving to New York City, and how the LGBT Center eased the transition.

Rosemarie and Tracey

LGBT Center 01:18 Community

Two Young Leaders talk about being active in the gay community while attending college and how it they extended their roles into the LGBT Center.

Joseph's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:20 Community

Joseph shares what it was like stepping into the LGBT Center for the first time and feeling accepted as a man of color in the Young Men's Group.

Alejandro's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:19 Community

Alejandro shares the highlights of balancing work at the LGBT Center and being a drag queen.

Brigid's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:02 Community

Brigid went from musician to non-profit management to expand her knowledge that would later land her a job at the LGBT Center.

Austin's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:05 Community

Austin traveled from another state to join a friendlier and LGBTQI+ community accepting environment, which later led to his career at the LGBT Center.

Ariana's Center Story

LGBT Center 01:24 Community

The Center Youth Prevention Counselor talks about the varying comfort levels generations have on the sexuality "identity box."

Anthony's Center Story

LGBT Center 00:56 Community

Anthony shares how he became a volunteer and Center Young Leader, and what the LGBT Center means to him.

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New York's LGBTQ population is vibrant and open, so it's important the haven that houses this community reflects thats. Residing in their headquarters since 1983, in a neighborhood that bridges Chelsea with Christopher Street, the LGBT Center recently renovated its home on West 13th Street.

Opened when the community was in crisis -- the beginning of the AIDS epidemic and the Regan administration's subsequent cold shoulder -- the center is now looking towards the future with a hopeful eye. The Center's transformation is not just about creating an open, safe space, but about preservation: of art, of history and of people.

Addressing, protecting and enhancing quality of life for the LGBT community is at the core of The Center. Through a range of programs, services and events, The Center provides the mental and physical health resources that the community needs to live happy, healthy lives.

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