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In Press Play we chat with some of NYXT’s video content partners. In this edition, we are talking with Anthony Ramos, Vice President at Children’s Aid for Marketing and Communication. They are based in Manhattan and you can find their video content at




NYXT: What is Children’s Aid and what is your professional experience?

Anthony: I remember Children’s Aid as a child, I remember the jingle, and the commercials. I knew about them from the back of my mind. When I saw this job opportunity, about helping kids by providing them educational resources and healthcare.


NYXT: What is Children’s Aid's mission?

Anthony: At Children’s Aid we believe that all kids have limitless potential. Unfortunately not everybody has the same opportunities. We try to level the playing field, and offer those kids who might have some serious challenges or obstacles, preventing them from achieving their goals and their dreams. Go give them that extra support that they need, so that they can move forward, so that they can become the leaders of their lives.




NYXT: What are some challenges that the organization has?

Anthony: We rely heavily on government support to operate our programs. As you know, administrations change every four years, priorities change. So, in four years when you are about to make some progress in a particular program, the founding disappears, so you go through a whole process of starting all over again. I think that that kind of uncertainty and cycle is a huge challenge.


NYXT: What is next for Children’s Aid?

Anthony: We continue to roll out our refreshed brand, we were Children’s Aid Society, now we are just Children’s Aid. Last year was our first rebranding in 40 years, so we will continue bringing awareness around that. And this year we have our annual benefit in October. You can find all our events and news in our website:


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