2020 in Non-Profits: Engaging With NYXT’s Newest Community Partners - Part 2

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2020 has shown us why a sense of community is so very important. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the global health, economic and cultural crises going on throughout the entire world, it’s as important as ever to continue taking care of each other, and producing and distributing meaningful stories that connect people with organizations that are fighting for equality, global health, and justice. At NYXT, we think that sharing stories of humanism, love and courage is vital now more than ever before


So we decided to honor and officially introduce you to the organizations that trusted our work and decided to join NYXT’s network of more than 140 groups in 2020


In the first part of this guide we highlighted the work of organizations that are focused on cultivating community engagement: Sing for Hope, DOROT, Streetwise Partners, NYSCA Living Traditions. 


In this second part, we are featuring new partners that work in education, such as Fordham University, Brooklyn Music School, Movement Research and School of Visual Arts.


Brooklyn Music School


Brooklyn Music School is a community arts organization and founding member of the National Guild of Community Art Schools. The school’s offerings include Group Classes and Private Lessons for all ages in a wide range of musical subjects, affordable After School programming, Ensembles that create an opportunity for our students to connect, an outreach programs that serves public, independent, and charter schools, and many events and productions that provide valuable performance opportunity.


Building good habits is an essential tool for getting the most out of your practice sessions. When practicing at home, it is important that your environment is free from distractions, allowing you to truly focus on learning and growing. This includes putting away cell phones and even tidying up the space around you to clear your mind. Another good practice habit is to maintain consistency with the place and time that you choose to practice. Using technology to your advantage can be a powerful practice tool! Record yourself to be able to reference your progress, share it with others, and assess how you can improve!

Piruz Partow, Executive Director of the Brooklyn Music School.




Fordham University 


Founded in 1841, Fordham University strives for excellence in research and teaching, and guarantees the freedom of inquiry required by rigorous thinking and the quest for truth.

Fordham affirms the value of a core curriculum rooted in the liberal arts and sciences. The University seeks to foster in all its students life-long habits of careful observation, critical thinking, creativity, moral reflection and articulate expression.

“Cared for, our students are challenged. Challenged, they awaken to their potential. Awakened, they are transformed. Transformed, they are empowered.”

Joseph M. McShane, SJ, President of Fordham University



Movement Research


Movement Research’s mission is to offer one of the world's leading laboratories for the investigation of dance and movement-based forms. 


Valuing the individual artist, their creative process and their vital role within society, Movement Research is dedicated to the creation and implementation of free and low-cost programs that nurture and instigate discourse and experimentation. Movement Research strives to reflect the cultural, political and economic diversity of its moving community, including artists and audiences alike.


They are currently offering low-cost, ongoing, drop-in classes and workshops that are led by established, progressive dance artists, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, Movement Research is offering FREE online classes through Zoom. 


Click here to learn more.


School of Visual Arts


The School of Visual Arts was established by co-founders Silas H. Rhodes and Burne Hogarth in 1947 as the Caroonist and Illustrators School. The institution began with three teachers and 35 students, most of whom were World War II veterans who had a substantial part of their tuition veterans who had a substantial part of their tuition underwritten by the G.I.Bill. The College was renamed the School of Visual Arts in 1956, and some of their notable graduates include Keith Haring, Rebecca Sugar and Gail Anderson.


If you are thinking about exploring visual arts or you want to keep on perfecting your craft, you can check out their Division of Continuing Education classes or connect with the School participating in their events and festivals.

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The next part will be about new NYXT’s partners that are fighting for climate change and to protect the environment: 350.org, Prospect Park Alliance, National Parks Conservation Association, and New York Botanical Garden.


And the last part will feature groups working in arts and culture: Roulette, Brooklyn Youth Chorus,, Brooklyn Arts Council, STREB, Multicultural Music Group.


Discover, connect and make a difference is still NYXT’s leitmotif. So scroll down, click, watch and get in touch with some of the people that wake up everyday to change the world.





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