2020 in Non-Profits: Engaging With NYXT’s Newest Community Partners Part 1


It’s the holiday season and it’s been one of the most difficult years to celebrate in recent memory. Being asked to stay away from family is challenging. But this year has shown us why a sense of community is so important. We are not in this alone, and as New Yorkers and citizens of the world, we will get out of this together, we will continue taking care of each other, and even in doubt, we will remain hopeful. 


The core of NYXT’s mission is to share meaningful stories and connect nonprofit organizations with people like you looking to make a difference. Nonprofits have been some of the most tangible groups for building community and NYXT is at their service, sharing stories of humanism and helping to multiply the impact of their work. 


So we wanted to honor and officially welcome the organizations that decided to join NYXT’s network of more than 140 groups during a year of global crisis, and who continue to fight for social justice and civic engagement more than ever. 


In this article we are going to highlight NYXT’s newest partners that work in community engagement: Sing for Hope, DOROT, Streetwise Partners, NYSCA Living Traditions. 


The second part will be about new partners that work in education, featuring Fordham University, SVA, Brooklyn Music School, Movement Research.


The third part will be about new NYXT’s partners that are fighting for climate change and to protect the environment: 350.org, Prospect Park Alliance, National Parks Conservation Association, and New York Botanical Garden. And the last part will feature groups working in arts and culture: Roulette, Brooklyn Youth Chorus, Brooklyn Arts Council, STREB, Multicultural Music Group.


Discover, connect and make a difference is still NYXT’s leitmotif. So scroll down, click, watch and get in touch with some of the people that wake up everyday to change the world.


Sing For Hope


Sing for Hope transforms lives by using the power of the arts to create a better world. Founded in 2006, the organization believes that the arts have unmatched power to uplift, unite, and heal, and that all people deserve access to them. 


The organization inspires visual artists to customize pianos, that then will be located in different hospitals, schools and public places where performers and citizens are invited to play. 


StreetWise Partners

StreetWise Partners pairs volunteers with mentees who are unemployed or underemployed to provide them with the skills, resources and access to networks they need to secure and maintain employment.




Research has proven that social isolation has devastating effects, but that the power of social connection can be transformative. DOROT serves more than 3,500 older adults each year who are homebound, homeless or need to be connected to their greater community. DOROT's volunteer programs engage more than 6,000 individuals, family and groups to make meaningful connections with our clients.


Social isolation and loneliness are a growing public health crisis. Older adults are at a particular risk. Nearly half of U.S. adults report that they sometimes or always feel alone; 35% of older adults say they are socially isolated. Social isolation and loneliness are linked to adverse health consequences including depression, cognitive decline, poor cardiovascular function and impaired immunity and have a negative health impact on mortality equal to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Research has proven that social isolation has devastating consequences.  Social connection, on the other hand, can be transformative.


Jan Lauren Greenfield, Marketing and Development at DOROT.


NYSCA Living Traditions


Living Traditions is an initiative of the Folk Arts Program of the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) in partnership with City Lore, which produces and administers this site. NYSCA’s Folk Arts Program supports activities designed to sustain local traditions and broaden opportunities for general audiences to experience folklife. It funds non-profit organizations to produce public programs, document traditions, carry out apprenticeships, operate folk arts organizations and engage in statewide initiatives.





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