Amnesty International USA
For over 50 years, Amnesty International has been defending human rights globally. Their mission is to protect human dignity for all, with a specific focus on the rights of women and children, refugees, indigenous peoples, the ethnically or religiously marginalized, and prisoners of conscience, while also working to end torture and the death penalty.

Videos from Amnesty International USA

Raif Badawi's Son

Amnesty International USA 03:50 Politics and Advocacy

The son of a Saudi political prisoner speaks out.

Peace for Burundi

Amnesty International USA 08:05 Politics and Advocacy

The international community mobilizes to bring peace to a small country dealing with epidemic levels of violence in central Africa.

Amnesty International USA 04:45 Politics and Advocacy

The story of Tank Man, the iconic symbol of China's Tiananmen Square protests in 1989.

Alexis Templeton

Amnesty International USA 03:11 Politics and Advocacy

Alexis Templeton became an activist after the death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO.

Amnesty International USA 06:45 Politics and Advocacy

The story of a Syrian refugee child who fled home in fear.

Look Beyond Borders

Amnesty International USA 05:01 Politics and Advocacy

Four minutes of looking into someone's eyes can bring people closer together, across boundaries of race, nationality, and religion.

How to Lobby 101: Human Rights

Amnesty International USA 02:54 Politics and Advocacy

Amnesty International coordinators talk about how to volunteer and help stand up for human rights.

How to Lobby 101

Amnesty International USA 02:16 Politics and Advocacy

If you're passionate about human rights, here are some tips about how you can lobby more effectively for your cause.

Albert Woodfox is Finally Free

Amnesty International USA 03:24 Politics and Advocacy

Albert Woodfox walked free on his 69th birthday, after being the USA's longest serving prisoner held in solitary confinement.

How to Lobby 101: Make Your Voice Heard

Amnesty International USA 02:16 Politics and Advocacy

Activists from around the country give tips on how to best present yourself while making your voice heard.

Life in North Korean Camps

Amnesty International USA 06:46 Politics and Advocacy

Escaped prisoners discuss the horrific human rights abuses in North Korean labor camps.

Amnesty International USA 03:07 Politics and Advocacy

Amnesty International launches an art campaign to aid dissidents in El Salvador, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, and other locations around the world.

The America I Believe In

Amnesty International USA 02:07 Politics and Advocacy

Children talk about torture and how it is a human rights violation.

Protest Projections

Amnesty International USA 00:50 Politics and Advocacy

When the 'Muslim ban' went into effect, Amnesty protested with projected messages at a Trump hotel in Washington.

Amnesty International USA 02:10 Politics and Advocacy

A prisoner on death row delivers a powerful monologue about capital punishment.

Ending The El Salvador Abortion Ban

Amnesty International USA 01:35 Politics and Advocacy

An animated piece about a pregnant 17-year old girl navigating El Salvador’s criminal system.

LGBT Rights In Uganda

Amnesty International USA 02:01 Politics and Advocacy

Director of St. Paul's Reconciliation and Equality Center in Uganda discusses the discrimination the LGBTQ+ community faces in Uganda.

Folding Passports

Amnesty International USA 01:48 Politics and Advocacy

After the U.S. travel ban was set in place, Amnesty International collaborated with various designers to create printable passport sleeves to show the Arab and Muslim community support.

Art for Amnesty: Secret Walls

Amnesty International USA 01:50 Politics and Advocacy

Art For Amnesty hosts "Secret Walls," the 90 minute art battle where artists freestyle with strictly black ink.

Art for Amnesty: Gatekeepers of Truth

Amnesty International USA 02:00 Politics and Advocacy

Art for Amnesty shows why artists must be free to help change the world.

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Get Involved

The efforts of Amnesty over the years has been largely in part due to its supply of volunteers. Do you want to help protect human rights but unsure how to help where you live? Join Amnesty’s Urgent Action Network, a global community that puts pressures on authority to recognize and end injustice. Through social media posts, phone calls, and emails, this community has been able to effect change around the world, no matter where they are. Want to help? It’s easy.

Amnesty International inspires communities to get involved in creating positive change through grassroots organization. Global volunteers can donate their time and effort to amplifying causes and holding people accountable to rectify injustice. Are you looking to make a hands-on difference with Amnesty? The organization is always in search of volunteers across the country to take charge in their localities, because all big changes start small. From media specialists to event organizers to hosting letter writing parties, find out how you can take a stand for human rights with Amnesty.

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