The National Alliance on Mental Illness in New York City (NAMI-NYC) provides much-needed support and resources for people living with mental illness and their loved ones. Through political advocacy, education, and the work of many devoted volunteers, NAMI-NYC acts to lessen the stigma of mental illness and improve the quality of life of those with the disease.


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Mental Illness in Early Adulthood
Ending the Silence
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Putting Healing Before Violence

The death of Deborah Danner, an NYC resident living with mental illness who was killed by police as they invaded her home, was a catalyst in an ongoing discussion of how law enforcement respond to those enduring mental health crises. NAMI-NYC advocates for the creation of two centers within the city that will give care for those in crises; instead of NYPD intervention, they can receive aid in a place of healing, reducing violent outcomes, and providing more accessibility mental health services for all. 

Crisis Intervention Training

A Deeper Understanding of Mental Health

Much of the NAMI-NYC family is a network of well-trained volunteers, devoted to making mental health care services accessible. These volunteers are often the faces of the organization, leading specialized classes on mental health understanding, skills training, peer and family mediation with specific outreach aimed towards veterans. Many classes are available in English and in Spanish. If you or someone you love is experiencing a mental health condition, consider the many options available within NYC with NAMI.

Educate Yourself On Mental Health

It Takes a Village

While anyone with the goal of advocating for mental health resources is open to applying, most of the unique volunteers of NAMI are specifically experienced in mental health crises as they have lived through it via their family members. With firsthand experience, they approach their roles with compassion and learned patience, serving as the doorway for many seeking resources. New York City has long underserved those in need of mental health care, but you can help too. 

Volunteer With NAMI-NYC

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